stabilizability 中文意思是什麼

stabilizability 解釋
  1. Abstract : this paper considers the decentralized stabilization problem via local state feedback control laws for a class of large - scale linear discrete - time systems with delay interconnections. a sufficient condition for decentralized stabilizability is derived and is expressed as a system of linear matrix inequalities. furthermore, the problem of designing a decentralized state feedback control law with smaller feedback gain parameters is formulated as a convex optimization problem, and latter can be solved by using existing efficient convex optimization techniques. the obtained controller enables the closed - loop systems to be not only stable, but also of any prescribed stability degree

  2. Considering a more general continuous fault model of sensors, the sufficient condition of regional stabilizability is obtained for linear systems with uncertainty by using modified lyapunov inequality

  3. In part two, the focus is on the stabilizability and detectablity of 2 - d singular systems. necessary and sufficient conditions for stabilizability and detectablity of 2 - d singular systems are obtained respectively, and the relationship between bibo stability and internal stability is discussed based on this conditions. the observer design procedures are also provided

    在能穩性和能檢測性部分,用頻域研究方法,分別給出了2 - d奇異系統能穩、能檢測的兩個等價條件,一個是能穩、能檢測的秩判別條件,另一個為bezout恆等式存在穩定的有理函數矩陣解。
  4. Stabilizability of time - varing system with delay

  5. When the sensors and actuators of the structure were collocated, we analyzed its stabilizability and gave a decentralized pd stabilizing controller ; we analyzed its follow ability to step input and give a decentralized p1d controller

  6. Adaptive stabilizability of a class of time - delay nonlinear systems

  7. This dissertation concerns the stability, stabilizability and detectability of 2 - d singular systems

    本論文主要研究2 - d線性離散奇異系統的穩定性、能穩性與能檢測性。
  8. The global attractor of the sine - gordon type nonlinear second order system under nonhomogeneous boundary condition and the stabilizability

  9. For discrete interval 2 - d systems, based on definitions of quadratic stability and quadratic stabilizability, sufficient and necessary quadratically stable and stabilizable conditions are given in terms of linear matrix inequalities. quadratically stabilizing controller designing method is also proposed in this paper. the illustrative examples show the results are effective and less conservative

    針對離散區間2 - d系統,給出了二次穩定和二次可鎮定的定義,在此基礎上,提出了用以判定離散區間2 - d系統是否二次穩定和二次可鎮定的判定定理,以及二次鎮定控制律的設計方法。
  10. Secondly, some new concepts including mean value controllability, mean square controllability, mean value observability, mean square observability, mean value stabilization, mean square stabilizability, mean value detectability and mean square detectability of networked control systems are defined in this dissertation. some sufficient or necessary conditions for networked control systems with corresponding properties are presented

  11. Based on definitions of quadratic stability, quadratic stabilizability and guaranteed cost control, lyapunov inequality, schur complement and linear matrix inequality are adopted in this paper. stability, stabilization and guaranteed cost control for interval 2 - d systems are discussed in this paper

    本文採用了二次穩定、二次可鎮定、保性能控制等概念,運用lyapunov不等式、 schur補和線性矩陣不等式等手段,深入研究了區間2 - d系統的穩定與鎮定以及保性能控制問題。