spurred 中文意思是什麼

spurred 解釋
adj. 形容詞 有靴刺的,裝上靴刺的;有距的〈指鳥〉。

  1. Which is arguably what spurred the apollo program to place the first man on the moon

  2. Modern efforts to produce artificial blood were spurred on by the military in world wars i and ii and, more recently, by the discovery in the early 1980s that hiv could be transmitted by blood transfusion

    在第一次世界大戰和第二次世界大戰以及最近的20世紀80年代發現hiv (人類免疫缺陷病毒)能夠通過輸血傳播的驅動下,開始了現代生產人造血液的努力。
  3. Xml s popularity has spurred standards body working groups to expand the sql specification to include xml processing functions

  4. Civic organizations spurred the hunt for the murderer by offering rewards totaling $8500.

  5. Phileas fogg and sir francis cromarty plunged to the neck in the peculiar howdahs provided for theme were horribly jostled by the swift trotting of the elephant, spurred on as he was by the skilful parsee ; but they endured the discomfort with true british phlegm, talking little, and scarcely able to catch a glimpse of each other

  6. The imminence of negotiations thus probably spurred rather than delayed his decision.

  7. Spurred on by the competition, norfolk navy yard spent the whole day.

  8. He was alone and outnumbered at least five to one only spurred him on to greater feasts of scornful oratory.

  9. The recent expansion of in - utero surgical correction of congenital anomalies and the use of fetal tissues for transplantation hae spurred the debate on fetal sentience

  10. You must be here booted and spurred at nine o'clock.

  11. It spurred him on, made his attacks wilder.

  12. The couriers, riding the royal horses, raced out, spurred on by the king ' s command. and the edict was also issued in the citadel of susa

  13. Sogo and shin kong mitsukoshi, located near the traffic circle at the intersection of santuo no. 3 road and chungshan no. 2 road, are the first foreign department stores in kaohsiung. it was the opening of these two stores that spurred a subsequent commercial renaissance in the district

  14. 2. the development of penn chinese treebank spurred the research of chinese parsing

    4 、提出了一種基於語義類的漢語句法分析方法。
  15. Spurred on by rather unappetizing u. s. battlefield food known as meals ready to eat, scientists at the army soldier systems center in massachusetts have devised a vacuum - sealed sandwich that stays edible for up to three years

  16. It was bitterly cold walking home tonight but the thought of a hot drink in a nice warm house spurred me on

  17. Those trends have been spurred by the deregulation of financial markets, reductions in trade barriers, and lower communication costs

  18. The subsequent economic bubble spurred private consumption and created extraordinary demand for retail and service sectors

  19. Sales of locally made vehicles totaled 8, 660, according to state media reports. paul nolasco, a toyota spokesman in tokyo, said the japanese automaker s price cuts were spurred by calls from consumers for lower prices and by the company s growing ability to cut costs as its production ventures in china mature

    晨曦解釋說,擱置再三的原因主要有三個方面:一是產業政策不更新, 「整車特徵」師出無名二是,整車納稅操作難度很大,涉及的面很廣三是,相關配套網路建設與管理需要相應的準備時間。
  20. Deeply perturbed by the sight of these objects being sold overseas and with a growing anxiety over the dispersal of large swathes of china s cultural heritage, mr low was spurred to redouble his efforts to acquire chinese works of art. he named his collection the xubaizhai collection of chinese painting and calligraphy after one of his most treasured items, a calligraphic plaque by yi bingshou 1754 - 1815

    為使這些國寶得以保存於海內,他有系統地收藏這些有藝術與歷史價值的瑰寶,並將他的心愛藏品清代書法家伊秉綬1754 - 1815所書橫披上的虛白二字取為名,命名為虛白藏中國書畫。