coastal sand 中文意思是什麼

coastal sand 解釋
  • coastal : adj. 沿海的,臨海的;沿岸的。n. 〈英國〉海防飛機。
  • sand : n 1 沙。2 〈 pl 〉 沙灘,沙洲,沙地,沙漠。3 〈 pl 〉 沙粒;(計時用的沙漏中的)細沙。4 光陰,時...
  1. The coastal area of belize is an outstanding natural system consisting of the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere, offshore atolls, several hundred sand cays, mangrove forests, coastal lagoons and estuaries

  2. Qilihai was called the largest lagood in china, and many scholars suggested that the coastal dunes outside the qilihai lagoon developed from the offshore sand bars

  3. There were no coastal sand bar formation process for generating the qilihai lagoon, and its predecessor is a deflation low - lying land formed during the last stage of late pleistocene, so the qilihai lagoon is not a lagoon scientifically

  4. According to the contrast between different maps and the dynamical conditions, the area of bohe lagoon had reduced by 45. 3 % from 1932 to 2000 and human activities in the coastal zone, such as inning, sand dredging and aquiculture, have brought great effects on the coastal system, which has accelerated the barrier erosion and lagoon evolvement

    通過對比分析, 1932 ~ 2000年,博賀?湖面積減少45 . 3 % ,人類活動已成為影響該區海岸演變的主導因素;灘塗圍墾、海岸采沙與水產養殖等人類活動加劇了沙壩海岸的侵蝕後退,且使得?湖面積迅速減少,不斷淤淺萎縮,大大加快了海岸體系的演化進程。
  5. In this paper, the erosional characteristics along the suizhong sarldy coast of the liaodong bay are analyzed by comparing nautical charts in different periods and analyzing remote sensing images and multi - year field monitoring data, and it is shown from the analysis results that the loose coastal sediments and intense coastal dynamic actions are the basic conditions for the recent coastal erosion, and the decrease in terrigenous material discharged into the sea, marine dynamic actions, coastal engineering structures and offshore sand recovery are the main affecting factors for the coastal retrogradation

  6. Found in the river mouth, coastal area and swamps in the south of central taiwan. suitable for wind - breaking, sand stabilization and coast protection

  7. As the developing of modern industry in coastal zone, the coastal environment is deteriorated badly. in estuaries and coastal seas, the tidal flow is a basic hydrodynamic factor, which affects other substance movement remarkably, such as sand, salinity and so on

  8. Shandong peninsula quite abounds in sand mineral resources in its coastal region, ranking top among china ' s coastal provinces by sand categories and reserves

  9. Seagrass can function to prevent the loss of coastal sand and mud

  10. The low and flat coastal plain, the vulnerable muddy coast and the radiate sand ridges without external sediment supply in jiangsu province are extraordinarily sensitive to coastal dynamical changes. faced with the possible sea - level rise in the future, inevitably, the region will be exposed to serious impacts comparatively

  11. Based on the studies in sea - level rise and response of coastal zone by domestic and foreign researchers, integrated with the essential characteristics of jiangsu coast and the radiate sand ridges, laid emphasis on the effects of sea - level rise on the radiate sand ridges and the tiaozini sands in it ' s center region, the following case were discussed in the paper. ( 1 ) the recent relative sea - level rise in the region of the radiate sand ridges found on the structural and sedimentary features of the radiate sand ridges, the rate of regional land subsidence was calculated ( structural, balanced and compressed subsidence were considered respectively ). the latest assessment of global sea - level rise in the past century that was carried out by ipcc was cited

    本論文在總結國內外對海面上升及其對海岸帶影響的研究基礎上,結合江蘇海岸及輻射沙洲區的基本特徵,以相對海面上升對輻射沙洲及其中心部位的條子泥的影響為重點,討論了以下幾個方面的問題: ( 1 )輻射沙洲區近期的相對海面變化根據輻射沙洲區的構造和沉積特徵,對區內地面沉降速率進行分項計算(包括構造沉降速率、均衡沉降速率和壓實沉降速率) ,並引用ipcc最近對過去100年來全球絕對海面上升速率的評估。
  12. Chiku s coastline may recede inland by 20 meters or more in just one summer, and the pace of erosion is accelerating. hsu surmises that this is due to sand extraction for coastal industrial zones, and to reservoirs preventing river silt from reaching the coast. chiku lighthouse, located on tingtoue sandbar at about the most westerly point in taiwan, bears witness to the coastal erosion

  13. The results show that there are many sedimentary facies in cretaceous of study area, such as alluvial fan with disorderly deposits, river with positive cycle, delta with middling maturity of petro composition and texture, and coastal and shallow lake sub - facies with deposits of thin multilateral mottle sand and shale