climbing exercise 中文意思是什麼

climbing exercise 解釋
  • climbing : adj. 攀緣而上的;上升的。n. 攀登;【航空】爬升。
  • exercise : n 1 (精力等的)運用,使用;實行;執行。2 演習,操練;訓練;〈常 pl 〉運動,體操。3 習題,練習,...
  1. For example , an overweight individual would be better off spending their non - climbing training time performing aerobic exercise ( and , of course , improve their dietary surveillance ) rather than sport - specific climbing exercises

  2. Any exercise in which the feet and legs are bearing body weight, such as walking, jogging, stair climbing, dancing or lifting weights will improve bone density

  3. We aim to provide you with a personalized space for your fitness enjoyment. glide through the water under the clear blue sky in our outdoor swimming pool ; indulge in our water spa treatment ; exercise in our bright and spacious gymnasium ; flaunt your skills in the tennis courts ; quench your thirst with our specialty fruit juices ; challenge heights on the rock - climbing wall ; you will feel the exuberance of healthy lifestyle

  4. Any exercise in which feet and legs are bearing body weight, such as walking, jogging, stair climbing, dancing, or lifting weights will improve bone density ; swimming and bicycling are not weight - bearing and so although highly beneficial for health in other ways will not help towards the prevention of osteoporosis

  5. You need some exercise. mountain climbing is one of the best ways to build strength, balance and coordination

  6. 2005 the usda made improvements on the food guide pyramid. the new pyramid gives additional indications on the quantity of intake. the most obvious difference is also the addition of a person climbing the stairs on the left - hand side of the pyramid, emphasizing the balance between daily food intake and daily exercise, and suggests the importance of exercise to a healthy body