command library 中文意思是什麼

command library 解釋
  • command : vt 1 命令,指令;指揮,統率(軍隊等)。2 左右,支配,控制,管理,掌握。3 自由使用。4 博得,得到(...
  • library : n. 1. 圖書館,圖庫;藏書樓;藏書。2. 叢書,文庫。
  1. Moreover, the myriad packages often have different programming interfaces ; some offer only command - line or linked library access, whereas others offer web service interfaces

    而且, myriad包通常都有不同的編程介面;有些只提供了命令行(或鏈接庫)的訪問,而另外一些則提供了web服務介面。
  2. Road information and control. road control language. general rules and command library

  3. The compiler will insert this command to avoid importing each and every routine from the runtime library

  4. Integrating the audit system to collect the data of system call and privilege command in the kernel, the raas could analyze datas and compare to the user normal behavior from the normal library

  5. The documentation for the. net framework includes an extensive class library reference, conceptual overviews, step - by - step procedures, and information about samples, compilers, and command - line tools

    . net framework的文檔包含擴展類庫參考、概念性概述、逐步驟的過程和有關示例、編譯器和命令行工具的信息。
  6. Enterprise information system framework provides a series of reusable groupware, such as persistence layer which introduces dynamic value object 、 value list hander and command pattern, it encapsulates the detail of accessing database and affords the interface of different persistence layer framework ; basing on asynchronous javascript and xml ( ajax for short ), we develops the client validity check engine 、 dynamic cascading menu and common 、 dynamic tree structure groupware, as well as a set of tag library which include query 、 pagination 、 cache an so on. they reduce the code redundancy and predigests the development of interface layer enormously ; the security subsystem which is based on secure socket layer ( ssl for short ) and role - based access control ( rbac for short ) ensures the data security transmission and privilege control. furthermore, the model of enterprise application integration ( eai for short ) which based on web services, it supply some helpful explore for the sake of system integration and data communion for the future

    企業信息系統框架提供了一系列可復用組件,例如採用動態vo 、值列表處理器以及命令模式的持久層組件,封裝了數據庫訪問細節,並為不同的持久層框架提供調用介面;基於ajax ( asynchronousjavascriptandxml )技術的客戶端校驗引擎、動態級聯菜單以及通用動態樹型結構組件,一系列查詢、分頁、緩存等標簽庫則減少了表示層的代碼冗餘,簡化了表示層開發;基於ssl登錄以及基於角色的訪問控制的安全子系統則初步實現了數據安全傳輸和權限控制;此外基於web服務的企業應用集成模型為今後系統集成、數據共享提供了有益探索。
  7. This command controls whether gdb should give you control when the dynamic linker notifies it about some shared library event

  8. Go into the library - i mean, if you please. - excuse my tone of command ; i am used to say, " do this, " and it is done : i cannot alter my customary habits for one new inmate. - go, then, into the library ; take a candle with you ; leave the door open ; sit down to the piano, and play a tune

    「當然,都會這么回答的,到書房去我的意思是請你到書房去請原諒我命令的口氣,我已說慣了你作這事,於是他就去作了。我無法為一個新來府上的人改變我的老習慣那麼,到書房去,帶著你的蠟燭,讓門開著,坐在鋼琴面前,彈一個曲子。 」
  9. The command info variables will print out the values of all program variables, but will take a long time because gdb prints variables from the c library as well as our program code

    Info variables命令將列印出所有程序變量的值,但這要進行很長時間,因為gdb將列印c庫和程序代碼中的變量。