command level language 中文意思是什麼

command level language 解釋
  • command : vt 1 命令,指令;指揮,統率(軍隊等)。2 左右,支配,控制,管理,掌握。3 自由使用。4 博得,得到(...
  • level : n 1 水平儀,水準儀;水準測量。2 水平線,水平面;水平狀態;平面,平地。3 水平,水準;水位;標準;...
  • language : n 1 語言;(某民族,某國的)國語;語調,措詞。2 (談話者或作者所使用的)言語,語風,文風,文體。3...
  1. The two examples in listing 3 won t necessarily produce the same results if the elements passed to the command - line are different, but it does show how the language - level changes of tiger extend the functionality of the original

  2. High - level computer language is a language that resembles english and uses symbols and command statements that an operator can read