cleaning of coal 中文意思是什麼

cleaning of coal 解釋
  • cleaning : n 1 清潔法;掃除;清洗,洗滌;(種子的)清選。2 〈常 pl 〉(牛、羊等的)胞衣。3 【林業】除伐。4 ...
  • of : OF =Old French 古法語。
  • coal : n 1 煤,煤塊,煤堆。2 〈pl 〉〈美國〉(一堆)燒紅的煤。3 〈常 pl 〉〈英國〉(幾塊)供燃燒的煤。4 ...
  1. Study on the feasibility of desulphurization and reducing ash of clean coal in tiefa cleaning coal plant

  2. Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products - specifications for non - metallic blast - cleaning abrasives - coal furnace slag

  3. Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products. specifications for non - metallic blast - cleaning abrasives. part 4 : coal furnace slag

  4. Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products - specifications for non - metallic blast - cleaning abrasives - part 4 : coal furnace slag iso 11126 - 4 : 1993 ; german version en iso 11126 - 4 : 1998

  5. The practice process of the technological parameter of raw coal sizing screen rectified by tianzhuang coal cleaning plant was introduced in this paper, and it also gropes for the traditional size range of lump coal and slack coal

  6. Reconstruction and improvement of coal cleaning machinery control system

  7. Analysis of coal characteristics and selection of coal cleaning method

  8. Research and practice of no. 15 layer raw coal cleaning of liang zhuang prep

  9. Cleaning potential of hazardous elements during coal washing

  10. The type of harmful substance in coal, the toxicity of harmful substance, the migrating ability of harmful substance and the current environment protection standard of china, are the main content which should be taken into account when establishing cleaning potential assessment system of coal resources in china

  11. Abstract : in the light of using coal characteristic of neiyang steampowerstation, on the basis of inquiring into the dust - cleaning method, and meeting the concrete demand for running and repairing, the paper put for - ward the overall design of draft - dust in the tripper room

  12. Researching on cleaning potential assessment of coal resources is an important work and necessary way through which the pollution from coal could be controlled at fountainhead and the aim of rationally mining and cleanly utilizing coal resources could be achieved

  13. The experience in reduction of dense medium consumption of dense medium coal cleaning system at xinzhuangzi coal preparation plant

  14. There are three methods which have potential of development for controlling mercury, namely the common physical coal cleaning technology, existing pollutant control facilities, and injecting sorbent, such as activated carbon etc., into the flue gas

  15. Geochemical features of hazardous elements and cleaning potential of coal from xinzhouyao coal mine

  16. Through analysis and comparison of formation mechanisms for slagging and fouling on beating surfaces of coal - fired boilers, as well as experiences of applying steam sootblowers, hydraulic sootblowers, and fuel - gas pulsating sootblowers on boiler no. 6 in dezhou power plant, in has pointed selected type of sootblowers should be directed against the fouling property and soot cleaning requirements of different heating surfaces in the large - scale coalfired boiler

  17. Study and development of the technology of coal cleaning with heavy - medium cyclone

  18. Inquiry into the option of cleaning coking coal at a coal preparation plant for steam coal in kailuan

  19. Article 26 the state adopts economic and technical policies and measures conducive to the clean utilization of coal, encourages and supports the consumption of fine coal of low - sulfur or low - ash, and encourages and supports the development and popularization of the technology of coal cleaning

  20. Research on a small tube electro - static precipitator for cleaning flue gas from combustion of coal slurry fuel