rabies 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['reibi:z, 'ræ-]
rabies 解釋
n. 名詞 【醫學】狂犬病。

  1. The squirrel was killed with a bb gun and sent to a lab to be tested for rabies

  2. Animal rabies can be classified as furious or dumb.

  3. Rabies is characterized by a syndrome of excitation, depression, paralysis, coma and death.

  4. In ancient greek literature both democritus (460 b. c. ) and aristotle (384-322 b. c. ) referred to rabies.

  5. In ancient greek literature both democritus ( 460 b. c. ) and aristotle ( 384 - 322 b. c. ) referred to rabies

    在古希臘文獻中,德漠克利特(公元前460 - 362 )和亞里斯多德(公元前384 - 322 )曾提到了狂犬病。
  6. Rabies vaccine human diploid call

  7. Dougherty was given the first series of rabies shots as a precaution

  8. In dumb rabies there is a very short excitation phase.

  9. Animals with rabies often froth at the mouth.

  10. Animals with rabies often froth at the mouth

  11. Observations on the efficacy of a human anti - rabies immune globulin

  12. On wednesday, the humane society of the united states offered $ 100, 000 to china to establish a program to control rabies in jining, the associated press reported

  13. Studies on healthy crowd ' s humoral immune responses to purified vero cell rabies vaccine

  14. Finland requires the animal to be treated for hydatid tapeworm before travelling. sweden, ireland and the united kingdom require the animal has been blood tested for rabies antibodies at an approved laboratory at least 30 days after rabies vaccination and at least six months before travelling

    瑞典、愛爾蘭及英國規定貓狗須在認可的化驗所測試血液是否有足夠狂犬病抗體,驗血日期須為接種狂犬病疫苗之後最少3 0天,而且要在旅遊出發日期前最少六個月。
  15. A boy in london has died of rabies.

  16. Observation on the efficacy and side effect of aqueous and lyophilized rabies vaccine

  17. Research advance on molecular biology of rabies virus

  18. G gene of rabies virus m, the of two main regions ( about 1000nt ), ranging from 3161nt to 4162nt and ranging from 4012nt to 4863nt of glycoprotein gene of rabies virus strain m, isolated from mouse in he nan, china were amplified by reverse transcriptase - polynerase chain reaction ( rt - pcr ) in order to complete glycoprotein gene of strain m. these regions were sequenced by the produce of pcr directly. comparison and analysis of nucleotide sequence and amino acid sequence deduced with that of other strains published was performed by computer with dnasisv 2. 5demo software

    本研究對我國河南某地野鼠體內分離的狂犬病野毒株mrv基因的3161位? 4162位( 1001個堿基)和4012位? 4863位( 851個堿基)片段進行了反轉錄pcr擴增和序列測定,得到mrv的糖蛋白基因全序列,用dnasisv2 . 5demo分析軟體,與已發表的代表性毒株g基因全序列進行核苷酸和氨基酸序列的比較分析,結果表明在同一基因型中, mrv和國際標準攻毒株cvs的同源性最高( 96 . 5 ) ,和中國減毒株ctn的同源性最低( 79 . 8 ) 。
  19. Strain mrv and strain cvs are belong to the same genotype. however, strain mrv, ctn and cnx8511 are belong to different sub - genotype. finally, this researched also proved that the character of neuron tropism rabies viruses by comparison and analysis the homologies of amino acid sequence between 189 - 214 position and the bonding segment of snake venom curaremimetic neurotoxims and acetylcholine

    從計算機建立的各毒株系統樹分析, mrv和cvs屬於一個基因亞型,和我國減毒株ctn以及人源野毒株cnx8511屬于不同的亞型,並且證明了189 - 214位氨基酸序列與蛇神經毒素同乙酰膽堿結合部位的序列具有高度的同源性,說明狂犬病病毒的嗜神經特點。
  20. In cattle, rabies is transmitted exclusively from the bite of salivaries infected rabid animals.