race ground 中文意思是什麼

race ground 解釋

  • race : n 1 競賽;賽跑;賽艇;賽馬;〈pl 〉賽馬會,跑馬會;競賽;疾走。2 路程,行程;經歷,人生路程,一輩...
  • ground : adj 碾碎了的,磨過的,磨成粉的。 ground and polished piston 【機械工程】研磨活塞。n 1 地,地面;...
  1. A number of these projects have influenced the development of the extreme sports milieu. a selection of these influential events includes : the eddie aikau big wave invitational series at waimea bay ; the ground - breaking 1995 quiksilver pro at g - land, indonesia, that put hardcore credibility back into professional surfing events the best surfers in the best waves ; the world amateur surfing championships at newquay england, 1986 ; the quiksilver snowboarding and surfing cup in europe ; the quiksilver roxy pro at sunset beach, north shore, oahu ; the quiksilver winter classic surf snow event ; the quiksilver mavericks big wave event ; the roxy surf jam at hanalei and ventura, the quiksilveredition molokai to oahu paddleboard race

    這些具有影響力的活動包括:在waimea灣舉行的eddie aikau big wave邀請賽系列1995年在印度尼西亞g - land舉行的極具震撼性的quiksilver職業賽,它將艱難的比賽環境重新置於職業沖浪活動中在最好的浪上誕生最好的沖浪手1986年在英格蘭newquay舉行的世界業余沖浪錦標賽歐洲的quiksilver滑雪和沖浪杯賽在瓦胡島北岸的日落沙灘舉行的quiksilver roxy職業賽quiksilver冬季古典沖浪滑雪活動quiksilver mavericks big wave比賽在哈納雷hanalei和文托拉ventura進行的roxy surf jam莫洛凱到瓦胡島的quiksilveredition槳葉式沖浪比賽。
  2. In race 5 of racemeeting december 21, rounding the turn at about the 1200 metres nittan ' s treasure ( w l ho ) checked and lost ground on the inside of king of flames ( c segeon ) which was also checked and lost ground on the inside of fire and sun ( f durso ) which steadied when tightened on the inside of good health ( w t pao )

  3. Consider : kobe bryant and gilbert arenas, both of whom have gained ground recently in the race for the scoring title, are playing on teams that are floundering

  4. China denies that a recent test of a ground - based anti - satellite missile could trigger an international space arms race

  5. The flooding began flushing out rat holes around the lake, triggering a literal rat race for higher ground

  6. Bullfight is just one of the ethnic customs of guizhou. " guzang festival " buffalos are killed to worship ancestors, " ground opera ", " nuo opera ", " jumping on the flower slope ", " dragon boat race " and " torch festival ". . . . will altogether bring you to the ancient, diversified and mysterious culture of guizhou

  7. A person harasses another person on the ground of the latter s race if that first - mentioned person engages in unwelcome conduct which may include an oral or written statement on account of that second - mentioned person s race, in circumstances in which a reasonable person, having regard to all the circumstances, would have anticipated that the second - mentioned person would be offended, humiliated or intimidated by that conduct.

  8. The first part of the race is not really difficult ; it ' s the final three miles over rough and hilly ground that will separate the men from the boys

  9. With the dust hardly settled from the race, the next milestone for autonomous ground vehicles is not yet clear

  10. But china ' s space plans have faced increasing international scrutiny amid fears about a potential space arms race with the united states and other powers since it blew up one of its own weather satellites using a ground - base missile in january

  11. Not until the race began did he come to the play ground