flooding 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['flʌdiŋ]
flooding 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 泛濫;灌溉。
2. 充溢。
3. 【化學】溢流;(分餾時的)液阻現象;(油漆乾燥或加熱時的)變色。
4. 【醫學】血崩;產后出血。

  1. A rear hatch cover had broken loose and water was flooding into the aft section.

  2. To avoid the retardation of flood water, improve the discharging conditions and reduce flooding frequency and flowage damage on flood retarding basins, huai river commission made a decision to adjust and regulate the middle courses of huai river. the authorial thesis is based on the main part of huai river flood - protection planning, i. e., the flood - protection planning of huai rivers middle courses. author of thesis participated in the drawing up and the administrating of the plan

  3. Handling flooding and drain sewer blockages

  4. The recent flooding in the south was a calamity.

  5. More than 50 % of cane land is irrigated, mainly by sprays or flooding of furrows. use of low - pressure overhead irrigators and drip systems is increasing

    採用噴霧灌溉或渠灌的甘蔗地超過50 % ,使用低壓高架灌溉器和滴水灌溉系統的正在增加。
  6. Memories of his childhood came flooding back.

  7. Stronger typhoons, more flooding in low altitude regions, deepening drought ? all possible, if not likely, according to a report from british climatology

    更強烈的臺風,低洼地區更猛烈的洪水,更嚴重的乾旱? ?即使不太可能,根據一份英國氣候學家的報告,客觀的可能性也是存在的。
  8. In the study of the lumber carrier, one of the very important problem is the in spot and ultimate station due to flooding which will bring tremendous threat to the ship because of the few holds in order to study the lumber carrier buoyancy, stability and longitudinal strength under the condition of flooding, the paper adopt fundamental ship principle and iterative and accumulative concept on the basis of insumersibility theory to detailedly calculate the flooding speed flooding amount front draft after draft stability and longitudinal strength considering the ship " s sinking and inclination which will change the center of gravity and the loading station both in hold and on deck and the effect of flooding and lumber amount in holdo in the last, the paper introduces an example of the actual ship named " fei yun ling " and makes a contrast between not taking measure and taking measure which draws a reasonable conclusion and comes up to some advice the method avoids the cockamamie calculating while insures enough precision the paper draws a conclusion that not all the lumber carrier will submerge when suffering the damaged flooding if the loading or measure is suitable

  9. Experimental study on electrodialysis reusing polymer - flooding sewage as confecting polymer water

  10. And cause flooding, pollution, traffic congestion and

  11. From the west sky a wrathful shine - all that wild march could afford in the way of sunset - had burst forth after the cloudy day, flooding the tired and sticky faces of the threshers, and dyeing them with a coppery light, as also the flapping garments of the women, which clung to them like dull flames. a panting ache ran through the rick

  12. Widespread flooding is affecting large areas of devon.

  13. Widespread flooding is affecting large areas of devon

  14. However, many researchers both at home and abroad have given hundreds of criteria of psychological well - being. after careful studying, we can find that some divaricates and deficits exist in the flourishing status of the researching on the criterion of psychological well - being. on one hand, more new criteria and theories of psychological well - being are flooding, and on the other hand, more puzzled many carry - outers feel at these conceptual, abstract and philosophical ideas, and naturally they can not put these criteria and theories into practice

  15. After washing - flooding later voted 3 - 4, lotion liquid foam drift net

    洗完後用清水浸投3 4次,將洗劑液泡沫漂凈。
  16. Ultrafiltration electrodialysis process for treatment and reuse of polymer - flooding sewage

  17. Stripping the land in these ways allows faster surface runoff and exacerbates flooding.

  18. Through explaining the low - fluidity oil - deposit development structure in zaoyuan oil field, analyzing its reservoir structure and the strong flooding level hole design parameters, meanwhile adopting new techniques such as pouring water by phase control at the spot, weak point and strong plane, and so on to manage comprehensively and develop round, we have reduced the natural decrease and increased the exploitable reserves and caused the comprehensive development level of this field to rise from class 3 to class 1

  19. The amount of nitrogen leached was increased with the increasing amount of water applied. and compared to the treatment of fertilizer added as flooding irrigation ( fif ), the treatment of fertilizer added in drip irrigation ( dif ) significantly decreased the nitrogen leached

  20. The whole town was alive with talk about revolutionaries who were flooding the mills with their handbills.