flower arrangement 中文意思是什麼

flower arrangement 解釋

  • flower : n 弗勞爾〈姓氏〉。n 1 花;花卉;花狀裝飾物。2 精華 (of)。3 開花,盛開。4 少壯,青春,盛年,盛時...
  • arrangement : n. 1. 整頓,整理;排列,布置,分類。2. 〈pl. 〉安排,料理,籌備,預備。3. 商定,約定。4. 調解,和解。5. 改作,改編;改編的樂曲。
  1. Good. i ' m interested in lessons in flower arrangement

  2. Flower arrangement is an art that i know nothing of

  3. Sister lee and her students in the flower arrangement course

  4. Flower arrangement in glass vase of family

  5. History and characteristics of japanese traditional flower arrangement

  6. Silk flower arrangement on reception tables

  7. You will see some more of the ikebana, or flower arrangement display by using camellias

  8. The number of seeds in a sunflower, the petals of any flower, the arrangement of pine cones, the growth of a nautilus shell, etc. . all follow the same pattern of these series

    以一顆向日葵里的種子數目,任何花的花瓣,松樹球果的排列,鸚鵡螺殼的生長等等. . .都遵照這些級數的同樣模式。
  9. The unfolding of the garden vistas is the verisimilitude of a landscape scroll. when enjoying tea, poem, flower arrangement or playing musical instrument in the garden, one gains the most natural inspiration. to those tourists desiring to understand china, suzhou garden is the best museum

  10. After elaborate planning and preparations, a three - month flower arranging program commenced on september 6, taught by sister initiate lee, a professional teacher specializing in european and american flower arrangement styles

  11. Complimentary guest book and flower arrangement at the reception desk

  12. Provides fresh flower bouquets and arrangement

  13. Free vip table name cards, large flower arrangement, and table menu cards

  14. We consider our flower arrangements and gift baskets to be our customers ambassadors of goodwill. our mission is to give genuine and lasting pleasure to that special person who receives a wicker express flower arrangement or gift basket

  15. This book includes eighteen sections of the charm of peony, style of peony flowers, individual plant type, branches of peony, the bud of peony flower, leaf of peony, blossom bud of peony, calyx, colour series, species, stamn pistil of peony flower, peony in autumn, peony in winter, peony in wind and rain, incomplete peony, seed, the scenery of peony at night and peony flower arrangement

  16. Including carpet, vip room, 2 microphones, ribbon - cutting utensils, flower arrangement and column pallet for 2 hours

    包括地毯、貴賓接待室、 2隻話筒及擴音設備、花草、剪綵用具(立柱式托盤) 、服務時間為2小時。
  17. Content : in this competition, there are total ten competing project : plate technique, vegetable and fruit carving, chinese food table setting, western food table setting, chinese style bed arrangement, front hall reception service, drink mixing, flower arrangement, western dessert and chinese dish cooking