flood insurance 中文意思是什麼

flood insurance 解釋
  • flood : n 1 洪水,水災。2 溢流,漲水,潮水最高點,泛濫,洶涌。3 〈詩〉河,湖,海。4 充溢,豐富;大量,一...
  • insurance : n 1 安全保障。2 保險,保險業。3 保險單〈通稱 insurance policy〉。4 保險費〈通稱 premium〉。5 保險...
  1. Private insurance cover is provided by insurance companies in the form of an extension to fire policies and may include risks as : flood, storm, earthquake, subside

  2. The company also has a bank overseen by the office of thrift supervision ; an insurance unit ; a subsidiary that provides borrowers with loan closing services like appraisals and flood certifications ; and a broker - dealer that trades securities

  3. But in our country guarding catastrophe risk such as the flood, the earthquake, the basic insurance is almost a blank

  4. Based on the field investigation of relationship between peasant family economy and flood disaster in dongting lake area, hunan province and the socioeconomic statistics from administrative departments and insurance companies, an analysis of family and land economy behavior shows that the fight of family against the flood is mainly constrained by its economic ability. on the one hand, land sustains the pressure from increasing family income, and on the other hand, it sustains the pressure from providing water with some space. therefore, under the condition of providing water with space to full, increasing the economic output rate of per capita land, then increasing the family economic income is of significance to solving the problem of peasant family economy and flood disaster

  5. Sparedescription : based on the author s research and information from the usa and japan, the development trend of flood control and disaster mitigation in economically developed countries is introduced, including the follow aspects : flood risk management, floodplain management, flood control standard, city rainfall flood storage, levee construction technology, public participation, flood insurance, management of storage and detention zones, flood control investment, study on flood control and disaster mitigation, and formulation of related laws and regulations

  6. When insurance application or after personal property suffers flood loss, insurance company pays his damage according to insurance contract with fund

  7. The state encourages and supports the flood insurance

  8. Finally, the response strategies that are the choice of defence, wetland protection, flood insurance and coastal zone integrate management plan for sustainable development are point out

  9. In the regulation in company worth and domestic worth clauses : to the flood, seismic sea wave, ice approach, rainstorm, the natural disaster such as mud - rock flow belongs to insurance scope of business, the person that every attends insurance ( safe unit and individual ) the dangerous rate that has state and seat area to suffer water to browbeat by belongings builds insurance contract or bond, pay insurance premium regularly

    在企業財產和家庭財產保險條款中規定:對洪水、海嘯、冰凌、暴雨、 ,泥石流等自然災難都屬于保險業務范圍,凡參加保險者(保險的單位和個人)按財產擁有狀況和所在地區受水威脅的危險程度建立保險合同或契約,定期交納保險費。
  10. Article 11 : party b ' s should cover insurance for his property, and take proper measures to guard against theft, fire and ensure public security. in case of accidents, robbery, fire. etc or force majeure ( like earthquake, flood. . etc. ), party b undertakes the loss by himself not party a or the related property management department

  11. Insurance company manages insurance wu to want to face various risks, include the catastrophe venture that at present manpower still cannot defy, like typhoon, rainstorm, hail, cold wave, arid, flood, earthquake, mud - rock flow, avalanche, coast, use conflagration of plant plant diseases and insect pests, forest, epidemic disease, etc, the assessment of consequence of the computation of its premium rate, calamity

  12. So, in order to lower the disaster of flood, it is a good way to use the system of flood detention district, flood insurance, reestablishment etc. although there are some flood detention districts in some places in china, no perfect and operational flood hazard risk management decision support system is established now. we are searching some new thought of controlling and managing flood by risk management policy

    通過本文的研究,主要在以下幾個方面取得了進展: (一)以順德防洪減災工作作為背景素材,針對其舊有的信息系統,結合現代先進的防洪風險管理思想,融入作者對水利信息化建設的理解,從建立專業的地理信息系統空間數據庫、屬性數據庫、查詢系統的構建、專家預測系統建立等方面全面探討。
  13. Project of project of accept insurance construction is building a course in, cause all losses because of natural disaster or contingency ( the except liability that in including clauses, sets ) include : 1, the natural disaster such as the flood, rainstorm ; 2, object of fire, explosion, flight falls wait for contingency ; 3, clear the charge of stricken be hit by a natural adversity spot

    承保建築工程項目在建造過程中,因自然災難或意外事故而引起一切損失(不包括保險條款中規定的除外責任)包括: 1 、洪水、暴風雨等自然災難; 2 、火災、爆炸、飛行物體墜落等意外事故; 3 、清理受災現場的費用。