qualification and experience 中文意思是什麼

qualification and experience 解釋
  • qualification : n. 1. 授權,批準;資格,職權 (for)。2. 條件,限制,限定;保留,斟酌。3. 身分證明書,執照,工作證。4. 形容,評定;稱呼,稱作,認作。
  • and : n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • experience : n 1 經驗,體驗。2 見識,經歷,閱歷。3 〈pl 〉 【宗教】靈性的感受。vt 1 經驗,體驗。2 感受,經歷。...
  1. Methods to probe into the experience of nursing work of high qualification using phenomenon study method, call on 16 nurses above 40 or charge nurse using semi - framework method thoroughly, divide into reading, analysis, introspection, classification, abstraction five steps to analyze the conversation data, and abstract motif

  2. The shoes leather factory of huan county of jade was established in 1979, it was the specialized factory producing the slippers first, the speciality with more than 20 years produces the history and experience, the production equipment is advanced, technical force is rich, the quality system is sound, the products are excellent, the qualification rate of quality reaches 100 % in exporting commodity inspection over the years

    玉環縣鞋革廠始建於1979年,是最早生產拖鞋的專業廠家,具有二十余年的專業生產歷史和經驗,生產設備先進,技術力量雄厚,質量體系健全,產品質量優良,在歷年出口商檢中質量合格率達100 % 。
  3. Staff records - includes each staff s both personal and family information such as age, date of birth, marital status, qualification, experience, employment record, staff reports including annual, promotional and disciplinary reports, training reports, medical reports, details of provident fund contributions, etc

  4. Qualification requirements : cet - 8 college english test, grade 8 or higher levels for english major students or cet - 6 or higher levels for non - english major students with a bachelor s degree, with a complete command of a professional field and years of employment experience in that field, at least 5 years of full - time or part - time translation interpretation experience

    職位要求: 1有五年以上兼職翻譯工作經驗2英語專業人員必須達到八級水準非英語專業的,須本科畢業以上學歷,六級以上水準,精通某一專業領域,具備多年專業工作經驗
  5. First of all, the paper, based on the semantic analysis of experience and the comparison between the interpretation of experience by such disciplines as philosophy, psychology, aesthetics and pedagogy, indicates that experience is characterized with ontology, personal experiencing, affectivity, integrity, generativity, autonomy, and individuality. the paper then expounds the basic characteristics of experienced teaching from the viewpoints of the nature and goal orientation of teaching process, teacher - student relationship and course. the paper, based on the review of the main problems of current teaching theories and on the exploration of the relationship between experienced teaching, qualification education and innovative education, finally emphasizes the theoretical and practical significance of the experienced teaching research

  6. Graduated from medicine major in harbin medicine university, engaged in neurosurgery for more than 30 years and accumulated abundant clinic experience ; has a profound knowledge base and high prestige in this field, received dozens of awards from the provincial government for the scientific researches he presided ; established gamma knife therapy and research center in 1996, lead all the medical personnel to improve business qualification and work on the scientific researches

    1961年畢業于哈醫大醫學系,從事神經外科30餘年,積累了豐富的臨床工作經驗,學術造詣深厚,在該領域樹立了很高的威望。主持的科研工作多次獲黑江省政府獎及其它獎項。 1996年組建伽瑪刀治療中心,帶領全中心醫務人員不斷提高業務水平,開展各項科研工作。
  7. The cima qualification is based on forward looking education, training and work experience in a commercial environment

  8. Inheriting the flexible human resources strategy. shun tong zhi ye gathers numerous sale talents and specialists in the field of real estate, creating a team with high qualification and professional experience

  9. I attach schedule of my qualification and experience

  10. By analyzing the present situation and the existing problems of the project invitation of bids and tenders i put forward my opinion that the pre - examination of qualification and the tenders assessment be quantitatively managed in the project invitation of bids and tender the quantitative standards for examination is suggested in my thesis, on the basis of studying the domestic advanced experience and international, and on the basis of emphatically analyzing and researching the critical parts in examination and selection of the construction units during the project invitation of bids and tenders - - - - - - the procedure for pre - examination of qualification and the tenders assessment as well as the main factors that world influence the selection of the construction units. by applying mathematics method, the math model of comprehensive assessment is proposed for the pre - examination of qualification and the tenders assessment

    2本人擬做的工作主要是: ( 1 )分析工程施工招投標的現狀的現狀及存在問題;一( 2 )分析工程招投標資格預審和評標中的各種因素;討論我國工程施工招投標的考核方法,確定資格預審和評標中各種方法的景化考核標準; ( 4 )運用數學方法提出資格預審和評標的模糊綜合評判數學模型; ( 5 )討論了確定權重的方法; ( 6 )編寫計算機輔助模糊綜合評判的應用程序; ( 7 )歸納具體實用的招投標的具體量化分析方法。
  11. Above in qualification and have many years of teaching experience

  12. Current pay system is designed to reward the employees on two basis - fixed and variable. fixed pay ties to employees " academic qualification, working experience and seniority. variable pay ties to employees " contribution to the business goal, such as " profit - sharing plan " and " gain - sharing plan ", which is based on predetermined measure of group performance but not on individual efforts

  13. Qualification and experience

  14. Afcd accepted the offer after vetting the qualification and experience of the expert

  15. To raise the minimum qualification and working experience required for registration as a safety officer

  16. Applicants must have a recognized bachelor s degree, obtained the postgraduate diploma in education or equivalent education qualification, and relevant working experience in the educational sector

  17. Applicants must have a recognized bachelor degree, obtained the postgraduate diploma in education or equivalent education qualification, and relevant working experience in the educational sector

  18. The holder s name, address, educational qualification and working experience

  19. 10000 rmb / month depends on qualification, skill and experience + national holiday, labor regulation leave, stock options, and monthly, quarterly and yearly bonus

  20. Remark : the position title, senior engineer or engineer will depend on the qualification and experience of candidates