quantificationally 中文意思是什麼

quantificationally 解釋
  1. The research shows that the fractal theory can be used to describe quantificationally differentiate and anomalistic micro cracks of concrete that formed in injury evolution

  2. Analysis on the adaptive area of bupleurum chinense dc. and it ' s quantificationally geographical division

  3. The main content are : ( 1 ) based on domestic and international eco - townlet construction situation and townified status in tianjin, tianjin townified trend is studied quantificationally and qualitatively

    主要內容如下: ( 1 )從國內外生態小城鎮建設的現狀和天津市城鎮化研究出發,定性與定量研究了天津市城鎮化的趨勢。
  4. Secondly, the effects of the crest width of the back - emf waveform to the torque ripple in the 120 ? conduction mode are analyzed, among which the effects of the advance commutation angle to the torque ripple are quantificationally analyzed for the bldcm drives whose back - emf waveform crest width is less than 120 ?,

  5. It has been detailedly studied about three - dimensional shape and internal structure of deposital system in the continental basin. but lacking of high - resolutional study on confirming age according to the genetic unit, and also lacking of quantificationally study on evolutive periodicity and velocity of deposital system and its internal structural unit

  6. Finite element method ( fem ) is used to quantificationally simulate the current density distribution of the whole cfrc sample, and to explain the mechanism and reason for precipitations " depositing in the crack tip

  7. 2. using the basic principle of the " pareto optimal " in economics, tbrough the analysis of the principle in revenue and using " edgeworth box " analyzing method as reference, two standards - - - - - the first and second theorem for effective revenue to evaluate the revenue quality both quantificationally and qualitatively are proposed in this dissertation

    2運用pareto最優原理,通過對稅收基本原則的剖析,借鑒edgeworth箱的分析方法,提出了定性和定量判斷稅收品質的兩個標準? ?有效稅收的第一、第二定理。
  8. This dissertation analyzes the characteristics of hydrotechnic obstructions. and it uses the achievement in scientific research there have been and the standards there have been issued, chooses the appropriate contents and the appropriate objects to study. form the analysis, the dissertation evaluates the water traffic safety degrees effected by hydrotechnic obstructions, makes the main indexes that effect obstructions degree quantificationally, finds out the optimal using state for navigation resources

  9. The inscrutability, regularity and chaos of car - following fleet were quantificationally described. the chaotic behavior of car - following fleet were validated

  10. Firstly, we have put forward a mathematic form ? interest vector - to express the user ' s interest and have given a formula to calculate quantificationally the interest degree of interest item. secondly, we apply the method of reinforcement learning to intelligent learning agent to make it leam the user ' s interest more precision, more quickly and more efficiency, to make it discover the divert of the user ' s interest in time. thirdly, we have developed a mean of information search and filtrate on user ' s interest

    這些研究工作主要體現在:提出用戶興趣的數學表示形式? ?興趣向量,並提出定量地計算用戶對興趣項的興趣度的計算方法;提出採用強化學習演算法,使智能學習agent能夠更準確,更快速和更高效地學習到用戶的興趣和及時發現用戶興趣的轉移;提出面向用戶興趣的信息搜索和信息過濾方法;提出一種基於對象的agent編程模式,也稱為用擴充oo建模技術或方法學的適用性來設計agent系統。
  11. Quantitative structure - activity relationship is a method building a statistical model. the model can quantificationally predict structure - activity relationship of molecule, and bioactivity of new molecules can be known. structure of molecule, which is described by parameters in physical chemistry, biochemistry and quantum chemistry, includes functional group, minor structure, molecular fragment, chemical composition

  12. In this paper, the framework error of the system is analyzed quantificationally, and other errors as mechanical distortion error, thermal distortion error, detect error and dynamic error are analyzed qualitatively

  13. Oscillometric method is the advanced method for the no invasion blood pressure measurement. it qualitatively provides the order of the pulse pressure signal ' s changing with the cuff pressure and quantificationally points out the relationship between the mean blood pressure value and the pulse wave signal. so this method gives us a more scientific way to find other blood pressure parameters

    測振法( oscillometricmethod )是無創血壓測量中先進的檢測方法,它定性地揭示了脈動壓力信號隨袖帶壓力變化的規律,並給出了平均壓與脈搏波信號的定量關系,為血壓參數進一步確定提供了一條更為科學的方法。
  14. This project, through a great amount experiments, systematically and quantificationally discuss the different methods by which additives, including hydrated lime, protland cement, and anti - stripping agent, improve various moisture susceptibility of asphalt mixtures, and also have been evaluated effectively

  15. Two important characteristics of the fractal are self - similarity and dilation symmetry. the fractal dimension is a basic parameter that describes the fractal quantificationally

  16. 1. put forward a new research approach which uses the principle of material balance as the theoretical basis, and quantificationally make grading estimation of carbonate gas source rocks by the quantity of hydrocarbon expelling

  17. In my article, we first have made a conclusion by reservoir - forming chronology that the forming - age of reservoir is 108. 27 ?. 57ma, of which, the source rock came from carboniferous - permian strata ; we have perfected our basin - modeling software, so it can calculate quantificationally the contribution radio to hydrocarbon - generating caused by igneous intrusion as a technical problem, in which we have a daring trail

    本文首次在文安斜坡應用成藏年代學精確地測得了以石炭?二疊紀煤系為源巖的油氣藏成藏年齡為108 . 274 1 . 57ma ;進一步完善了盆地模擬軟體,首次定量地模擬計算了火成巖侵入對生烴的貢獻這一技術難題,在這一方向上我們作了大膽的嘗試。
  18. In addition, the thesis has gained a little innovative achievements which are differ from other scholars, such as classifying the carrying objects of environmental carrying capacity, establishing the index system of environmental carrying capacity, unifying dimentions, modifying the initial coefficients and making use of hierarchy and vector analytical method to analyze environmental carrying capacity quantificationally

  19. Based on the analysis about the test requirements and the saturated magnetization of the armor plate, the excitation magnetic circuit satisfying the testing condition and a validation system are designed. because the geometric, of the magnetic leakage at the direction of the normal of the roundness fault has the feature of two peaks : a positive and a negative, using the linear regression and the software matlab, two regression equation are proposed : one is about the peak value of the magnetic leakage and the diameter and depth of the roundness fault ; the other is the distance between the two peaks and the diameter of the roundness fault. the result of the validation system proves that the two equations are valid, and an applied method using for quantificationally inspecting the roundness faults is proposed according to the two equations

  20. Based on earlier research results, this paper aims at improving the forecast skill for rainfall by experiments, which add satellite infrared cloud image into a forecast model mm5 quantificationally