quan yin method 中文意思是什麼

quan yin method 解釋
  • quan : 關
  • yin : adj. ,pron. ,n. 〈蘇格蘭語〉= one.
  • method : n 1 方法,方式;順序。2 (思想、言談上的)條理,規律,秩序。3 【生物學】分類法。4 〈M 〉【戲劇】...
  1. To explain the meaning of immediate enlightenment, i used the example of how our ancestors obtained fire by drilling wood : if a hundred twirls are needed to produce an ember, then the quan yin method represents the last of the hundred twirls, that is, the burning point of immediate enlightenment

  2. Last december, they also formally established the supreme master ching hai international association in their country, whereupon they began to broadcast master s teachings on the radio each day to convey the message of the quan yin method to their compatriots

  3. The canada television network attentively shot video footage at our booth, and radio canada, one of the largest radio stations in montreal, interviewed us about the quan yin method

  4. The residents of two of hungary s larger cities - debrecen and szeged - had never been introduced to supreme master ching hai or the quan yin method. so on january 18 and 19, 2003 fellow initiates from the budapest and gyor centers decided to hold two truth - sharing video seminars there. it was the first time the initiates had ever visited these cities, where previously no fellow initiates or convenient method practitioners resided

  5. One doesn t have the past or future karma anymore, but will still have the fixed karma. some of our quan yin method practitioners have already attained the third level, and they are still in this world because of their fixed karma. but when they meditate or sleep, they are in the third level ; this is just like having dual citizenship in this world

  6. The quan yin method is the most exact science

  7. Pearls of wisdom the quan yin method is the most exact science

  8. At goteborg, the sponsors provided a room for the initiates to introduce the quan yin method to those interested in learning meditation

    尤其最後一場在goteborg ,主辦單位幫我們安排一個房間,讓我們為有興趣學打坐的來賓做觀音法門專題介紹。
  9. Then, one day in school, at the end of april, a friend of mine gave me a little green book. it said " the key of immediate enlightenment " on the cover, and it mentioned the quan yin method of meditation, and also that it was the best method of all

  10. On november 21, 2003, by invitation of the wloclawek radiesthetic association, lodz initiates traveled to the city of wloclawek on the banks of the vistula, polands largest river, to conduct a video seminar introducing supreme master ching hai and the quan yin method to local residents

    2003年11月21日,洛次同修應渥克拉維克心靈感應協會wloclawek radiesthetic association的邀請,前往渥克拉維克-位於波蘭最大的河流威斯特拉河vistula旁-介紹清海無上師及觀音法門。
  11. The quan yin method cures a longstanding disease

  12. For those people who don t practice the quan yin method, they are mostly affected by influences from the inferior aspect, from society or from lower worlds like the astral level

  13. Since the movie about ninja turtles talks about spiritual practice and has a transformation master, i let you watch it. this means that they practiced the quan yin method ; otherwise they wouldn t see the transformation master

  14. Disciples from the cities of sofia and plovdiv took part in the seminar, and everyone was satisfied with the successful presentation and happy to see many truth - seekers showing interest in supreme master ching hai and the quan yin method

  15. It s well said : the quan yin method, the method of all methods, is the last door to sainthood

  16. In the june july issue an article about supreme master ching hai and the quan yin method entitled " soundless sound " was featured

  17. The quan yin method - the perfect educational system

  18. These changes make me think of a dairy product commercial i saw many years ago, in which a blonde demonstrating her graceful figure said with an artificial air, i do exercise and drink xx powdered skim milk. now i too can imitate her posture and say, i follow a vegetarian diet and practice the quan yin method ! if you dont believe me, then join me in a race and see who walks faster

  19. A brother then explained that the quan yin method of meditation is taught free - of - charge and that master uses her god - given artistic abilities to create clothing, jewelry, lamps, paintings and songs for the purpose of benefiting sentient beings, which not only earns her a living, but also goes to fund relief efforts

  20. It is not an easy job trying to awaken people or erase the records in their consciousness. our fellow practitioners know that we have an " eraser " capable of blanking out the memories accrued through many lifetimes during our incessant transmigrations. the brand name of this " eraser " is the quan yin method