face crack 中文意思是什麼

face crack 解釋
  • face : n 1 臉,面孔;面貌,樣子;面子,威信。2 愁容,苦臉;〈口語〉老面皮,厚臉皮。3 外觀,形勢,局面。4...
  • crack : vt 1 使破裂;敲破,敲碎,砸碎(陶器等);嗑(瓜子等);【化學】裂化(石油等)。2 把(槍打得、鞭子...
  1. I kept a straight face as long as i could, but i finally had to crack up.

  2. In this thesis, analysis of whole performance and interior mechanism of plain soil slope and soil nailing wall with flag finite difference program has been carried out. at the same time, the impacts on the internal force distribution of soil nailing and the deformation of soil nailing wall of many factors, including the connection between face shield and soil nailing, the friction decline between soil nailing and soil, the shear force & bending moment resistance of soil nailing, the cement crack in soil nailing, face shield, excavation, the obliquity of slope, and so on are studied in this thesis

  3. With a variety of active skin beautifying element of selected natural pearl essence, chlorophyll time - inverse non - trace repair factor and 100 pure aloe oil etc. adopting international advanced nanometer ultra micro powder technology and biological enzymolysis technology, it can perfectly cover face defect and line crack, adjust uneven skin tone, smoothen skin, build up skin transparency, in the meantime, it can resist pollution, improve skin tone, make your skin like crystal and lotus flower

    好處:精選天然珍珠精華、葉綠素逆時無痕修復因子、 100 %純蘆薈油等多種活性美膚成份,採用國際先進的的納米超微細粉末技術和生物酶解技術,完美遮蓋面部瑕疵及細紋,調整不均勻膚色,平滑肌膚,締造肌膚透明感的同時,抵抗污染,提亮膚色,令肌膚晶瑩剔透宛如出水芙蓉。
  4. 2 ) through many numeral experiment, using the crack face ' s slant angle and azimuth angle as parameters, we found some relations between three - dimension fractal parameters and two - dimension fractal parameters in rock mass : ds = ( 1. 0 + 0. 031 ) * dl + ( 1. 0 + 0. 0395 ), ns = nl, v = 1. 5986 * ( 2 - dl ) - 3. 2935 * sin ( st ) + 3. 8263, and found a way to speculate three - dimension fractal parameters from two - dimension fractal parameters. lt is the foundation to describe the distribution laws of crack face in rock mass by the observing results through rock mass section crack, 3 ) this paper constructed the three - dimensional fractal emulation theoretical system and erected three - dimensional fractal emulation model about crack face in rock mass 4 ) a emulation system about crack face in rock mass is developed by vc + +, it includes the function to get section plane chart and section block chart from three - dimensional network chart automatically, and some of the emulation examples is given

    2 )通過大量數值試驗,以巖體裂縫面的傾角與方位角為紐帶,分析得出了巖體裂縫面數量三維分形分佈參數和巖體裂縫跡線二維分形分佈參數的關系: d _ s = ( 1 . 0 0 . 031 ) * d _ l + 1 . 0 0 . 0395 , n _ s = * n _ 1 , = 1 . 5986 * ( 2 - d _ l ) - 3 . 2935 * sin ( st ) + 3 . 8263並提出了由二維分形幾何參數來推導三維分形幾何參數的方法。為通過巖體剖面裂縫直接觀測結果,描述巖體裂縫面分佈規律奠定了基礎。 3 )本文構建了巖體裂縫面的三維模擬理論體系,建立了巖太原理二大學周眨d二研究生學位論文體裂縫面的三維分形模擬模型。
  5. Since there was no technique to observe directly under three - dimensional situation and no reliable physics exploiting technology, the three - dimension distribution law of crack face was not found yet

  6. The portions of the crack near the saw cut and along the edges are closed in relation to the center of the crack face.

  7. As the yardstick changes of crack face is following self - similarity physics law, this paper prosecuted several deep researches on the crack face in rock mass as follows : 1 ) the fractal geometry theory is used to study the characteristic of crack face number in rock mass and a research method about three - dimension fractal distribution to crack face in rock mass was brought forward. we calculate the number of crack when the position of the crack face distribution is random and the crack face ' s slant angle and azimuth angle is certain by numeral experiment, and verify that the crack face number in rock mass comforming three - dimension fractal distribution law is correct

    1 )應用分形幾何學理論對裂縫面數量分形分佈進行了研究,提出了巖體裂縫面數量的三維分形分佈研究方法;在巖體裂縫面隨機分佈和裂縫面分組的情況下,用數值試驗方法,分別計算各種剖面不同尺度裂縫跡線條數,證明了「巖體裂縫面數量服從三維分形分佈規律」這一巖體力學的重要物理結論。
  8. The distribution characteristic of the crack face in rock mass was a important and difficult problem in mechanics of rock mass and engineering, the nature of crack face determined the transmogrification, stability, breakage laws and the seepage nature of rock mass directly, so the research had great value in theory and practicality

  9. Comparing stress distribution between elastic and plastic under unrepaired and repaired. comparing the crack face outline difference between unpatched and patched model

    在修補前, j是關于的二次函數;而修補后, j與按線性變化; 3
  10. Experimental results indicated that the polypropylene fiber can improve the workability of concrete availably, and can increase the presentation quality of structures with the voids and pits decreased ; the cracks of beam are controlled effectively, the width and length of crack decreased, the dispersibility of crack in beam face improved, and the ductility of beam increased ; and the cracking load of reinforced concrete beam is increased, the amplify up to about 30 %, simultaneity the ultimate bear capacity increased

  11. Shangguan jintong glimpsed the woman ' s young plump face, her oily short nose, and the creased white belly exposed through the crack of her pink shirt

  12. Klc of j3 is higher than j2 and j1 at different temperatures, and this shows the stronger ability of j3 to resist crack expanding. two probations have been tried to explore the reasons concerning the results above, one of which is by analyzing the compositions of the three pbxs above and shows that the stronger ability of j3 to resist crack expanding is probably mainly due to the use of bonder b2, and another is by using scanning electronic microscope sem to observe the fracture face morphologies of the specimens at different temperatures. the quantitative observations strongly support the laws of klc of pbxs changes with temperature is revealed as follows : a

    測試了三種高聚物粘結炸藥在不同溫度下的平面應變斷裂韌度k _ ( ic )值,得到了這三種炸藥的平面應變斷裂隨溫度的變化規律: a 、隨著溫度的增加,高聚物粘結炸藥的平面應變斷裂韌度降低; b 、在45以後j2的平面應變斷裂韌度降低最快,在60時已很差,比j1還低,可以認為j2在高溫下的抗裂紋擴展的能力比j1還差; c 、在不同溫度下, j3的平面應變斷裂韌度比j2和j1的均高,表現出相對較強的抗裂紋擴展能力。
  13. It realized random section and any son pieces in rock mass to analyse the crack face distribution characteristic conveniently and directly and brought great convenience to analyse stability and stress distrubution in rock mass undoubtedly