face saving 中文意思是什麼

face saving 解釋
adj. 形容詞 保全面子的。

  • face : n 1 臉,面孔;面貌,樣子;面子,威信。2 愁容,苦臉;〈口語〉老面皮,厚臉皮。3 外觀,形勢,局面。4...
  • saving : adj 1 救助的,救濟的,挽救的,援救的,搭救的,挽救的。2 可取的;保存的,儲蓄的。3 儉省的,節省的...
  1. Taboo words meet the needs of the cooperative principles by grice and face - saving purpose by sociologist goffman, which also shows the principles of calculability and cancellability while conveying conversational implicatures

  2. The mediator first tells one party that he or she must give the mediator face by accepting what is proposed. contained in the proposal is a face - saving gesture for the other disputant

    他先要求一方當事人接受提議,從而「給中間人一個面子」 ,這提議之中也包含一個顧全另一方當事人面子的姿態。
  3. Results of the survey show that teacher traits such as communication style, attention to male and female students, student traits such as gender and self - concept, and cultural traits such as face saving, concept of silence, power, the examination system and gender role expectations, etc all affect students " participation in classroom interaction

  4. He was seeking a face - saving deal with the bank ' s board that would allow him to resign under his own terms and escape some blame for the foolery involving his girlfriend ' s compensation

  5. This year, britta must face her fears, while holly boy battles the forces of evil, both battles fights for saving the school and the holly woods.

    Britta要克服心中的恐懼,而holly boy要消滅惡魔,二人各為保衛學校和森林而奮戰. .
  6. He finally worked out a face - saving arrangement

  7. Did either party participate in the creation of a face - saving solution

  8. A study of the relationships between face - saving behaviors and face concept in preschoolers

  9. More critical thinking, fewer face - saving concerns, and more equality on internet

  10. Ramesses hatches a face - saving plan well - suited to this more critical era

  11. The patchwork deal that emerged from miami was little more than a face - saving formula

  12. Only if israel clobbers hizbullah hard enough might mr nasrallah be in the market for some face - saving way to give the plan his blessing

  13. 1 perhaps his most difficult decision was the refusal, against the advice of weaker brethren in america and elsewhere, to bargain the security of the western world by yielding to the specious russian offers of a face - saving accommodation at the expense of america ' s allies

  14. It can come from out of nowhere. i don t want to be your simple saving grace, just another little victim with a happy face

  15. Firstly, some conventional ideas ? son superiority over daughter, superstitions, disbelief of science, no legal sense, indifference to politics, unawareness of environment protection, strong sense of seniors and juniors, too much formality, face - saving, going in for showing off, being easy to be content, conservativeness, lack of economic sense, narrow - minded nationalism ? still hold fast. moreover, some people have some ideas of unhealthy marriage

  16. Take a look back at saving on every drop of water. do you always remind yourself of saving water in your life, like when you are washing plates and bowls or washing your face and brushing your teeth, or using the toilents

  17. ( 1 ) crews management on one voyage ( 2 ) cargo handling on one voyage ( 3 ) drill assign and assessment on one voyage ( 4 ) business about inspection and repair on one voyage ( 5 ) maritime affair reports, statement ( 6 ) voyage report ( 7 ) vessel ' s certification management ( 8 ) naviaids, navibooks, charts, communication equipment ( 9 ) life - saving, fire - fighting, anti - pollution equipment management ( 10 ) psc, ism serials documents ( 11 ) others. mean while, this paper discussed some notice of such researching, and point out that we have to face a lot of problem if we bring it into navigation. farther, on the basis of the configuration and functionality of it in shipping, based on the relationship of navigation it and some related navigation technologies, e. g

    ( 1 )航次船員管理( 2 )航次貨物管理( 3 )航次演習管理( 4 )航次檢驗與修理管理( 5 )航次事故報告管理、海事聲明、船長聲明( 6 )航次報告、財務管理( 7 )船舶證書管理( 8 )助航儀器、資料、海圖、通信設備管理( 9 )救生、消防、防污等設備管理( 10 )港口國檢查、 ism系列文件模板( 11 )其它在線輔助與應急計算操作平臺文章同時對本論題研究工作應注意的問題作了較為祥盡的闡述,指出當前將it技術引入航海活動,尚需克服不少困難和解決不少問題。
  18. Based on the balcony which is half - outdoors space, face on the sort of space specialty, from the two sides which are the save - energical and the settle mental humanity, concretely apply the idea of suitable design, from the theorical physical idea, conduct the technological measument which could be used in the engineering project, then, comprehensively improve the residential environmental condition in the winter and summer. and, can reach the aim of the saving energy, then can satisfy the demanding of residential sustainable developmental design

  19. Later that year, she played the complex and fun character of ma in a sony classic production, saving face, a film about a hilarious relationship of a chinese mother and her american daughter

  20. Saving the mixing and solidifying time, the new type of mechanical anchoring bolt can greatly improve the construction speed of roadway of fully mechanized working face