r and b 中文意思是什麼

r and b 解釋
R and B =rhythm and blues 拍子清楚,節奏簡單的布魯斯樂曲。

  • r : 1 〈拉丁語〉 recipe 【醫學】處方。2 radical 3 Reaumur 4 〈拉丁語〉 Rex Regina 5 radius 6 ratio 7 ...
  • and : n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • b :
  1. Tahir r b, molder s and timofeev e v. unsteady starting of high number air inlets - a cfd study [ r ]. aiaa 2003 - 5191

    梁德旺,袁化成,張曉嘉.影響高超聲速進氣道起動能力的因素[ c ] / / 2005年沖壓發動機技術交流會論文集, 2005
  2. Tesh, r. b. and d. a. shroyer 1980 the mechanism of arbovirus transovarial transmission in mosquitoes : san angelo virus in aedes albopictus. am. j. trop. mod. hyg., 29 ( 6 ) : 1 394 1 404

    郭曉霞,趙彤言,董言德,等. 2003 .白紋伊蚊經滯育卵傳遞登革型病毒的實驗研究.中國媒介生物學及控制雜志, 14 ( 1 ) : 9 11
  3. Firstly, chromatism analysis and wavelet transform are used for color image compression coding. in this method, one of the three color components of a color image ( for example the g component of a rgb color image ) is coded using wavelet transform, and the chromatism between g and other two color components rg = r - g, bg = b - g is coded respectively using chromatism analysis. during decoding, g ~ is first reconstructed using wavelet inverse transform and inverse quantisation, and rg, bg are reconstructed using chromatism analysis inverse transform ; then r, b are calculated by r = g + rg and b = g + bg respectively

    其一是應用色差分析和小波變換對彩色圖象進行壓縮編碼,該方法是對彩色圖象的三個色彩分量之一,如rgb圖象的g進行小波變換編碼,而對g與另兩個色彩分量的差值(即rg = r - g和bg = b - g )進行色差分析編碼,解碼則是通過反量化和小波逆變換得到g ^ ,通過色差分析的逆變換得到兩個重構的色差rg ^和bg ^ ,再算出r ^ = g ^ + rg ^ 、 b ^ = g ^ + bg ^ ,最後由r ^ 、 g ^ 、 b ^重構圖象。
  4. The second part of this paper is mainly concerned about an interesting matrix inequality presented in [ 5 ], which is then generalized in m ~ " under the entry - wise nonnegative ordering. we introduced the concept of sub - kronecker product, and establish an inequality which relates the schur complement of a and b for positive semidefinite matrices a and b. our results improve the related known results obtained by t. l. markham and r. l. smith in 1998 ( see [ 5 ] )

    第二部分研究了文獻[ 5 ]中提出的一個有趣的矩陣不等式,並將此不等式在逆m -矩陣中推廣,然後引入次kronecker乘法的概念,提出並證明了一個更廣泛的不等式,改進了t . l . markham和r . l . smith在[ 5 ]中的有關結果。
  5. R is the slope of the straight line and b its ordinate at the origin.

  6. At liquidsoulradio. com, we spotlight some of the newest talents of neo - soul, r and b, hip - hop and jazz. spotlight

    公眾的注意或突出. spotlight ,本意是「聚光燈」 ,這里用的同樣是比喻意。
  7. Ask usher. the r and b singer, who is starring in his first lead role in " in the mix, " shared his secrets with time magazine

    這位當今美國流行樂界的r and b天王日前在接受時代雜志專訪時,介紹了他的約會小秘密。
  8. Very large data bases, brighton, england, 1987, pp. 507 - 518. 26 beckmann n, kriegel h - p, schneider r, seeger b. the r - tree : an efficient and robust access method for points and rectangles. in proc

  9. Management data, boston, usa, 1984, pp. 47 - 54. 3 beckmann n, kriegel h - p, schneider r, seeger b. the r - tree : an efficient and robust access method for points and rectangles. in proc

  10. R is the slope of the straight line and b its ordinate at the origin

    R是直線的斜率, b是直線在縱坐標上的截距。
  11. By analyzing the correlations of r, g, b components of a color image a new color image compression coding method based on fractal theory was proposed. compression ratio was increased and coding speed was fairly high

  12. Extracting the value of r, g, b from each pixel, we will find the corresponding wavelength and eventually get the projecting angle by decoding. according to the mathematical model between depth and projecting angle, depth image will be attained

    提取圖像像素的r 、 g 、 b值,找出與之相對應的波長,通過解碼得出光平面的投影角,再經過深度與投影角間數學模型獲得景物的深度圖像。
  13. A dot - ppa - elisa has been developed to detect the specific antibody against streptococcus suis. the antigen was isolated from group c d e r and type 2 streptococcus suis by three different method : ( a ) autoclave extraction method, ( b ) hcl - extraction method, and ( c ) fuller ' s method

    本研究選取c 、 d 、 e 、 r群及2型鏈球菌標準菌株,以高壓法提取抗原建立了檢測豬鏈球菌病血清抗體的dot - ppa - elisa方法。
  14. This paper selects representative samples wuliangsu lake, yellow river, dongjuyan lake and ejina salina, after information is analyzed, using optimal band index oif index, spectrum characteristics curve and application scope of each band to select optimal bands. the result shows that band 3, 4, 5 are best ones and etm453 combination is the best after r, g, b composed. all this fit for western inner mongolia

    根據西部區主要濕地類型本文選取烏梁素海、黃河、東居延海、額濟納鹽沼典型樣地,通過多光譜信息的統計分析,採用波段選取最佳指數oif指數並結合地物光譜特徵曲線、各波段主要用途進行最佳波段的選取,結果一致表明3 、 4 、 5波段是各典型濕地的最佳波段,可作為反映內蒙古西部濕地信息的最佳波段。
  15. In proc. the eurographics acm siggraph symposium on geometry processing sgp 03, aachen, germany, 2003, pp. 127 - 137. 19 gormaz r. b - spline knot - line elimination and b ezier continuity conditions

  16. The titre of ifn - r and il - 4 were tested by eiisa assay results : il - 12, in the absence or presence of allogeneic antigen ( raji b cell ), induces t cells to undergo apoptosis

    結果: 1 、不論有無抗原刺激il - 12可以誘導t細胞凋亡,凋亡率與il - 12劑量,作用時間成正相關。
  17. H. 264 iso iec 14496 - 10 avc. itu - t sg16 q. 6 vceg and iso iec jtc 1 sc 29 wg 11 mpeg, jvt - g050r1, may 2003, pattaya. 3 li r, zeng b, liou m l. a new three - step search algorithm for block motion estimation

  18. R amp; d of credit mis based on mixed mode of c s and b s

  19. It is obtained that the integer completely idempotent rings are fields. two characterization are gained that the completely idempotent rings with element are l - semisimple and b - semisimple. a class of finite completely idempotent rings is solved with | r | - p2

    首先得出整完全冪等環是域的結論,其次給出有單位元的完全冪等環的兩個刻劃,即有單位的完全冪等環是l -半單的, b -半單的,最後給出了一類有限完全冪等環的結構
  20. R amp; amp; d of credit mis based on mixed mode of c s and b s