rabbet 中文意思是什麼

rabbet 解釋
n. 名詞 (木板的)凸凹,槽口;半邊槽;半槽[企口]接合〈使榫舌與槽口密接〉。
vt. 及物動詞 在…挖槽口;嵌接。
vi. 不及物動詞 半槽接合 (on, over)。

  1. Mechanical tooling for wood. cutters for rabbet. dimensions

  2. Through modeling experiment, this method is proved to be feasible for analyzing the rabbet assembly structure

  3. Then the forging blade body is formed by fitting the data of forging blade to spline and b - surface, calling the rabbet and boss, generating the draft angle. then the related parameter is calculated

  4. In this paper, the membrane and protector stresses of the laminated membrane coupling, the modal of the laminated membrane coupling, the stress character of the rabbet have been studied by ansys based on the nonlinear finite element method. the work of this paper makes a theoretical basis for the using of the coupling. it has several parts to follow

  5. However, the waterproof function and anti - fungus capability of ccf is relatively so poor that the quantity of first - grade and excellent - quality products is very few. in addition, the external antifriction layer of ccf is expensive and faulty, and 80 % of manufactories in china depend on the import antifriction paper. aimed at the situation, this paper put forward a simple and effective way - rabbet surface sealing technique ( rsst ) to improve the waterproof function and anti - fungus capability of ccf

    本文針對其防水抗霉性能較差、一等品及優等品極少;以及其表層耐磨紙價格昂貴、缺陷較多,尤其我國生產廠家80依賴進口耐磨紙的現狀,提出一種簡便而行之有效的方法? ?企口表面全封閉法來改善復合強化地板的防水抗霉性能,並採用國產材料研製出一種集裝飾功能與高耐磨性能於一體、生產成本很低的新型高耐磨層,以替代進口耐磨紙。
  6. According to the feature that deformation resulted from water absorption and mildew appear mainly on the rabbet surface of ccf, this paper adopts rsst to spray a special waterproof sealant on rabbet surface of ccf, so that the sealant can get into fiberboard to certain extent by means of capillarity and penetration, blockage the holes between fibers and capillary, cut up passage of water and change the properties of soakage and sorption to water in capillarity and fiber. at the same time, solidified sealant can form a compact waterproof pellicle on rabbet surface so as to prevent water and humidity from fiber ' s expansion and mildewing