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  1. " what ' s ty cobb ' s batting average ? " david asked him

    「請你說泰科布的終身擊球率是多少? 」戴維問他。
  2. 8 % ), which is similar to the mt protein of ostrea edulis while different from that of drosophila and mammalian ( no aromatic amino acid and histidine ). comparison of the deduced amino acid sequence of housefly mt with other species " mt showed that its identity with drosophila was highest, attain 65 % ; the different metallothioneins, within a part species of invertebrate, were 35 % - 41 % isologous ; its identi ty wi th the mt - ii of green monkey was 41 % and that with the human mt - ii was 35 %

    由擴增片段的編碼序列所推導的家蠅mt與其它生物mt比較顯示:家蠅mt氨基酸序列與果蠅( drosophilamelanogaster ) mtn氨基酸序列的同源性最高,達到65 ;與部分無脊椎動物mt氨基酸序列的同源性在35 - 41的范圍內;與部分植物mt氨基酸序列的同源性比較結果為:同源性最高的為孢子植物墨角藻( fucusvesiculosus ) ( 51 ) ,而最低的為種子植物鼠耳芥( arabidopsisthalianal ) ( 35 ) ;與哺乳動物綠猴mt -的同源性達到41 ,與人類mt -的同源性為35 。
  3. Further, their luciferase activities were determined in ty medium, and showed that tn5 - 1063 was inserted directly into loci downstream of promoters in 042bm genome

  4. However, induction of luteolin resulted in 16 times increase of noeab expression, which indicated that noeab was regulated by nodd1. most interestingly, more than 30 times increase in its expression was observed on ty medium without any flavonoid. thus, it was suggested that noeab may be controlled by another unknown mechanism

    毛地黃黃酮的誘導使noeab基因的表達水平提高16倍,而在不添加毛地黃黃酮的ty培養基上, noeab基因的表達水平也能夠提高30倍以上,說明noeab是受nodd1控制的,但除受毛地黃黃酮誘導外,還可能受到其他因子的調節。
  5. Specifications for the editing and production of prog - ramme source for subjective assessment of sound quali - ty of electro - acoustic products

  6. Strengthening orbital septum for aged lower eyelid blepharoplas ty

  7. With ty crane believed to be a shoo - in

  8. Expounds the five main aspect of risk in national commercial bank, i. e. signal liability structure, bad loan quality, low capital efficiency, imperfect restriction on interior power, thin consciousness on risk avoidance ; summarizes five characters of the bank risks, including risk concentration, moral risk, risks caused by system structure, inequi ty between bank risks and revenues, aggrandizement trend of bank risks ; analysis eight reasons for bank risks, including proprietary ownership voidance, macroeconomic fluctuation, ineffective capita ] buffer mechanism, enterprise reasons. no synchronous fiscal investment and financial reform, incompetence law and regulation enforcement. chapter4 argues the opportunities and challenges of the financial globalization and requirement for bank risk managem ent. chapters suggests the methods for the risk management of national commercial bank

    緊接著在第三章闡述了我國國有商業銀行風險的「五大表現」 ,即負債結構單一、信貸資產質量差、資本充足率低、內部控制機制薄弱、防範風險的意識淡薄;總結了我國國有商業銀行風險的「五大特點」 ,即風險高度集中、風險人為匿藏、風險的體制性、風險與收益嚴重不對稱、風險呈繼續擴大態勢;剖析了我國國有商業銀行風險形成的「八大因素」 ,即金融產權「人格」虛設、宏觀經濟波動、資本金等緩沖機制不健全、財政、投資和金融的體制改革不配套、法律和法規不健全等。
  9. With an eye to the systematic of judicial interpretation, the inherent requirement of judicial independence, the nature of criminal adjudication, the accordance of power and responsibili ty, and the semanteme of judicial independence, the author finds out that the principle of " the people ' s courts shall exercise judicial power independently " shall also include the personal independence of individual judges. on this basis, the author reviews the adjudicative power endowed with the adjudicatory committee by law and holds that this provision has its historical significance, yet its application in today brings more malpractice than benefits. its application goes against the justness, the quality and the efficiency of the administration of justice, and goes against the realization of other important functions of the adjudicatory committee, the improvement of the skills and abilities of the judges

    在此基礎上,筆者對我國法律賦予審判委員會實質意義上的裁判權的規定進行了評析,認為,審判委員會行使裁判權,雖然有其存在的歷史原因,但在現在已經是弊大於利,它不利於司法公正,不利於保證案件質量,不利於提高訴訟效率,不利於提高訴訟效益,不利於審判委員會其他職能的正常發揮,不利於提高法官素質,理論界和實務界提出的種種保留審判委員會的裁判權的主張,並不能克服審判委員會行使裁判權的弊端,因此,應當取消審判委員會的裁判權(不是廢除審判委員會) ,法定的裁判者只能是負責個案審判的法官和人民陪審員。
  10. Liow to tldopt the necessi1ry ilnd reasoflab1e measures to secure the securi ty of the netwt ) rk informittj on system during the process of making use of the network resources avai iably and promoting the calculator technique ' s elppl i cat i ons i s a problem which need to be solved ilamediately

  11. ( ) i1 t [ lo basi s of " that, we make systemic rosoarcl1 ( ) n l f1o s ( ) cllr i ty ilrct1 i t. cc 1. ljre, dcs i gn out the securi ty so. l ut io11 ; 1l1t ] s l. ci ) i n i, rilc t. i cc ( ) f. s1 ) t } ( t i ; l l network according to the security archi tec turc fr ; tn1e, wi1 icl1 silt i si ! y the need of confidentia1 ity, integri ty, avai 1 abi l i ty, authentj cat ion, authorization and accountable of specia1 network information system

    特別是,論文作者在網路安全系統建設的過程中,獨立承擔了中心子網防火墻、網路入侵檢測系統、病毒防護體系的安裝及管理工作,在詳細了解了ddn鏈路加密、 pki ca體系的建設和使用原理的基礎上,參與了網路基礎設施的安裝調試以及各類服務器的配置管理,擬定了《計算機信息系統安全管理規定》 、 《網路ip地址規范》 ,為本單位網路安全建設規劃提出了意見和建議。
  12. The author sincerely hopes that this study can offer some reference to the theory and pr act i ce of commun i ty educat i on in guangdong province

  13. Cvp analysis has several limitations, for example, it assumes that volume is the only cost driver and that all cost - volume - profit relationships are linear over the relevant range of activi ? ty

  14. The world ' s largest cable company, comcast, offers a large selection of interactive video - on - demand products, which are proving popular with over 50 per cent of its 23 cable subscribers. " we ' re getting lots of mileage out of video - on - demand, " comcast ' s ty ahmad - taylor said here

  15. Based on re - calculating to the portable gravimetri c data in guangdong area from 1988 to 1999, the evolution tendencies of the gravi ty field in the eastern and western regions of guangdong and the pearl river del ta area have been analyzed. the relation between the gravitational field and the seismicity in coast area of south china has been discussed, and the earthquake p recursory information for the time - space and strength changes of the gravity fie l d in guangdong area have been picked to provide the criterions of the gravity an omaly before earthquakes in this area

    通過對廣東地區1988 1999年流動重力資料的重新整理計算,對粵東、粵西和珠江三角洲地區重力場演變趨勢做了分析研究,探討其與華南沿海地區地震活動的關系,並提出廣東地區重力場時、空、強變化的地震前兆信息,為該地區提供震前重力場異常判別依據。
  16. In view of the wteristics of hawi core oplitative bos in the social gnisa1 of tw1ic construction project, the fuzzy w ( ana1ytic hierartw process ) methed is put fowt ty cbowt the fuzry qpttw selection theory wtth the ahp, the its atheretital for1, wtsat pfincip1e nd pmdri are ed

  17. Conclusion : m3m4 recombinated peptide antigen has immunogenicity and could induce thl and th2 ty

  18. Cold rolled, bright annealed and skin - passed, the product has excellent brightness and good reflexivi ty like mirror, used for lectrical appliances, mirror, kitch en apparatus, ornament materials etc

  19. Upon fruitful analysis of industrial circumstances, this thesis analyzes chengdu ty company ' s sales channel models used in the past time and the channel model of chengdu ty company ' s sales being used at present. it also suggests that chengdu ty co. should adopt a new sales channel model to meet the requirement of the changing marketing surroundings. the contents of this thesis describing are as follows : principle of channel design, selection of sales channel model, option of channel members, management of sales channel, motivation of channel members and performance measurement of sales channel

  20. When analyzing skew support continuous curved box girder bridge, curved grid girder analyzing method considering warping effect is applied. matrix displacement method is applied in analyzing skew support continuous curved thin - walled box girder bridge with restrained bearing. in order to convert original rigidity equations to structural rigidi ty equations that can be solved, bearing nodal displacement matrix can be introduced, then unknown quantities at the edge of beams can be consistent with the restrained directions of skew bearings, unit rigidity matrix and unit nodal forces can be gained. structural rigidity matrix can be composed according to matrix displacement method, so nodal displacements and inner forces on the end of the rod that are unknown can be gained calculating equations of inner forces on any cross - section can be solved