face powder 中文意思是什麼

face powder 解釋

  • face : n 1 臉,面孔;面貌,樣子;面子,威信。2 愁容,苦臉;〈口語〉老面皮,厚臉皮。3 外觀,形勢,局面。4...
  • powder : n 1 粉,粉末。2 (搽臉的)香粉;牙粉;發粉。3 (一服)藥粉;粉劑;散。4 塵土,泥屑;雪糝。5 炸藥...
  1. The new bursel aloe essence, anti - acne & pore constricting mask, uses the international gene high - tech to withdraw essence from aloe, effectively eliminates the face external toxin, the fat pellet and comedo on the face, each kind of acne ( powder perverses, gloomy boils )

    全新白詩蘆薈消痘收毛孔面膜,採用國際基因高新技術提取的蘆薈素,蘆薈酊,有效清除面部外來毒素,脂肪顆粒及面部黑頭,各種痘痘(粉剌,黯瘡) 。
  2. Ex : this was my first time to go out with just face powder, blush, and lip gloss

    (這是我第一次只撲蜜粉,塗腮紅,擦唇蜜就出門了。 )
  3. In 2006, we will obtain certification for the rose face powder and market it nationally

  4. The old prince used to wear the old - fashioned dress, the kaftan and powder. and when prince andreynot with the disdainful face and manners with which he walked into drawing - rooms, but with the eager face with which he had talked to pierrewent in to his fathers room, the old gentleman was in his dressing - room sitting in a roomy morocco chair in a

  5. Powder, rouge, and face creams are cosmetics

  6. Oh, how noble did the grand vizier my father look at that moment, in the midst of the flying bullets, his scimitar in his hand, and his face blackened with the powder of his enemies

  7. There is a big question on our mind regarding this. why are some people always speaking of the theory of disease for life in the face of patients instead of offering warmth and hope to those already broken hearts ? they are spreading chilli powder on bleeding wounds

  8. Do : prep your skin with a luminous powder, foundation or moisturizer for an " all - over subtle glow on your face " ( as seen on jessica alba and ashley olsen ), and stick to sheer lip color and golden eye shadow, says gage

  9. His face has the colour of mahogany, rough and rugged to the last degree, all lines and wrinkles, nine grey hairs of a side, and nothing but a dab of powder at top.

  10. The soldier faces the powder while the beauty powders the face

    前方吃緊,後方緊吃。 (戰士面對炸藥,美人在往臉上擦粉。 )
  11. The make - up is designed to show the beauty of the female and the charm of the male characters. the face is dabbed with white powder. a darker paint is added to the eyelids and eyebrows

  12. This machine fits for mixing moulding sand in large scale and medium scale foundry workshop, as well as system sand for machine moulding, fired mold sand, self - hardening sand, face sand and core sand, also fit for mixing different powder materials for industries of glass, porcelain and fireproofing materials

  13. Albert threw himself on the divan, tore off the cover of two or three of the papers, looked at the theatre announcements, made a face seeing they gave an opera, and not a ballet ; hunted vainly amongst the advertisements for a new tooth - powder of which he had heard, and threw down, one after the other, the three leading papers of paris, muttering, " these papers become more and more stupid every day.

    阿爾貝往長椅上一靠,翻了幾張紙的前面幾頁,然後仔細讀了一下戲目,當他看到上演的是一個正歌劇而不是歌舞劇的時候,就做了個鬼臉,他想在廣告欄中找到一種新出的牙粉,這是他聽別人談到過的,但卻沒能找到,於是,他把巴黎的三大流行報紙一份接一份地甩開,自言自語地說道: 「這些報紙真是一天比一天地乏味。 」
  14. Powder base : apply a powder base to the face ( a “ lead powder ” or “ rice powder ” is often used ), lightening the complexion

  15. Up to now, we have been innovating no less than 40 products, including lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, cream eye shadow, blush - on, face powder, foundation etc

  16. Up to now, we have been innovating no less than 40 products, including lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, and cream eye shadow, blush - on, face powder, foundation etc

  17. But in julies presence, as he watched her red face and her chin, almost always sprinkled with powder, her moist eyes, and the expression of her countenance, which betokened a continual readiness to pass at once from melancholy to the unnatural ecstasies of conjugal love, boris could not utter the decisive word, although in imagination he had long regarded himself as the owner of the penza and nizhnigorod estates, and had disposed of the expenditure of their several revenues

  18. The small angel turn overed the small face for precious stone for spring for small mouth of body, piece, piece, fat and fat and smallly clapping clapping the light and small face of powder, rub eyes, openning, wa, that eye wateryly, eachly like ofly first first purely seeing the bottom, beautifully resemble the embed intoing the on the face, connecting in the sky breeze mother - in - law, cloud mother, all unbearablely frivolously she that lovelyly, yi, and this is what is the row son

  19. The fatty and thick frailty of the magnolia flower petal is delicate, wash clearly, dragged along from the face powder, refined sugar and water adjust of face, then fry in oil, becoming the joss - stick then delicate and tasty, do not have the magnolia a round flat cake of the taste

  20. It was said that in tai ling shan there stood a cliff as white as face powder and the people living nearby called it " fan pik ling " ( powder cliff hill )

    相傳山上有一塊石壁,雪白如粉,居於附近的鄉民,便稱之為"粉壁嶺" ,位於附近的鄉村,便成為粉壁嶺村。