burden level 中文意思是什麼

burden level 解釋
  • burden : n 1 擔子,馱子;負荷,裝載量,載重噸數。2 負擔,包袱,重累。3 責任,義務。vt 1 使負重擔;使煩惱,...
  • level : n 1 水平儀,水準儀;水準測量。2 水平線,水平面;水平狀態;平面,平地。3 水平,水準;水位;標準;...
  1. The main content of this system is : the level with primary safe medical treatment wants productivity of as primary as socialism level to develop horizontal photograph to suit ; unit of all choose and employ persons and its worker should enter town primary medical treatment is safe, execute apanage management ; insurance premium of primary medical treatment is mixed by unit of choose and employ persons worker both sides is collective burden ; fund of insurance of primary medical treatment executes a society to be united in wedlock with individual account photograph as a whole

  2. It can meet people ' s deep level mental demand. currently, the living of the urban vulnerable groups is located in a state, that is, low income, few earning, increasing deep relatively - poverty, high n modulus, inanition, basic plump, simple low - level cloth, strain family - relation, big family - burden

  3. Former defense minister ma of the opposition likud party, “ the political level, the prime minister. the defense minister, they carry the major burden of the fiasco of the second lebanese war

    反對黨利庫德集團的前國防部長ma稱「在政治層面上,總理和國防部長,均應為第二次黎巴嫩戰爭的失敗負主要責任。 」
  4. Former defense minister ma of the opposition likud party, “ the political level, the prime minister. the defense minister, they carry the major burden of the _ _ 16 _ _ of the second lebanese war

    反對黨利庫德集團的前國防部長ma稱「在政治層面上,總理和國防部長,均應為第二次黎巴嫩戰爭的失敗負主要責任。 」
  5. After discussing the limitation of actions and the burden of adducing evidence with respect to the contracting fault liability compensation, the article finally gives comments to the contract law of p. r. china regarding its stipulations on the contracting fault liability and analyses the real cases according to the provisions of the contract law of p. r. china for the purpose of improving the level of judiciary in china

  6. The paper firstly elaborates the basical theories on public finance, public goods and analyses the relationship between the taxes and fees ; next it expounds the connation, content and character of the burden on the peasants and analyses the cause in deeper level

  7. The paper analyzed the developing trend of the farmers ' burden before and after the taxation reform, according to the survey data and the interview from the six villages in a county - level city along the southeast coast

  8. Thereby, a single candidate at the final - level search is enough to provide the desired performance. as a result, the algorithm performs only one local search at the finest level, and its overall computational cost and data bandwidth burden decrease. according to different motion area, the search methods dynamically are also introduced

  9. Study and application of high level sinter in blast furnace burden

  10. Under the order, the minimum levels of csl under the existing administrative requirement ( ranging from us $ 25 million to us $ 1 billion depending on aircraft weight ) will continue to apply. the only change is the addition of a us $ 15 million minimum csl level for light aircraft. this new level is to ensure adequate insurance cover while not imposing an excessive burden on light aircraft operators

    根據命令規定,現時透過行政措施訂立的最低合一限額保險的數額(按照飛機的重量,由2 , 500萬美元至10億美元不等)將繼續適用;而唯一的改變就是加入輕型飛機的最低保額( 1 , 500萬美元) ,以確保規定項目有足夠的保障,同時亦不致令有關經營者負擔過重。
  11. However, excessive tax competition may weaken the effectiveness of the tax incentives, hence incuring welfare loss ; ( ii ) in a non - cooperation tax competition equilibrium, it turns out that tax rates are set too low to fiance an efficient level of public expenditure, especially lowers the provision of the public goods benefiting residents ; ( iii ) competition for capital means the revenue from capital income taxation declines. in order to maintain the necessary public expenditure, the government would shift tax burden towards the more immobile labor, which may arouse the inequity issues on redistribution. chapter 3 : " the strategy of international tax competition and optimal capital taxation.

  12. This thesis regard internal property reorganization in the group of pangang as the research object, from chengdu seamless steel pipe limited liability company with chengdu iron and steel works inside exterior environment reorganizing in front and back commences, making use of to exceed the makel - bot with of five factors competition models and the method of factors analysis, after analyzing the reorganization of the business enterprise a profession for facing competes the situation. develop the development the business enterprise with the profession industry from the international local profession rival circumstance after analyzing the reorganization should the market position of the establishment with develop the strategy target. make use of the swot the analysis the method, to after the reorganization the development strategy of the business enterprise, from manage the angle proceeded the fixed position analyzes, for after the reorganization business enterprise development provided four kinds of developments strategy that eligibility choose : the brave development strategy, request the resources advantage, funds advantage, human resource advantage, technique advantage that new company make the most of new business enterprise in empress in reorganization, is an essential condition to increases to manage the level, quickly technique reforms, develop the high and additional worth product with new product production line, as soon as quikly change to strong and large business enterprise, realizes soon steel aircraft carrier dream ; dispersion strategy, the technology market quota with deal with produce high additional worth product, completely promote business enterprise brand image, extend high carry product of the exaltation product, is a necessary means to increases business enterprise performance, realizes business enterprise target ; defense strategy, adjusting the business enterprise organizes construction, reducing the intensive type in labor and the low additional worth product line, lower bad the property saves the deal, alleviating the business enterprise burden, attaining the casual wear go to battle, benefitting to the challenge that make frontal attack the rival ; withdraw strategy, compress the production of the high depletion and high cost product, simplify the production craft, controlling the cost of the end product in the lower level, is a valid path to increases business enterprise competition ability

  13. Married worker visits travelling expenses of parents going there and back, in pay of him month level of 30 less than, provide for oneself by oneself, exceed a share by place unit burden

  14. Based on the practical condition of the heating distribution network in beijing city, this paper systematically discusses the application of the neural network in the field of heating burden prediction and dispatching, include : based on city heating system, systematically analyzing the current condition of the heating system in our city and the development of the international heating technique, discussing the tendency in the field of the domestic heating system. at the same time, constructing a heating model characterized by distribution, ranking structure, intelligentized and favorable practicability and reliability, which adapts to the situation of our city and greatly enhances the level of automation and energy saving

  15. After the reform of rural tax and fee, the burden to peasants was lightened but the governments of township obviously faced financial pressure. the work of township governments could not carry out, and this also restricted the running of the township governments at some level

  16. Nowadays there are still a lot of problems in the expenditure structure of jilin province : first, the contradiction of too fast - increasing expenditure total amount and insufficient in total amount ; second, the coexistence of off side " and " omission " in supplied financial fund ; third, the serious support burden and fund waste of finance etc. the causes are the incomplete government function range, unclear duties of all level inter - governmental segregation and imperfect fiscal expenditure management system etc. all these obstacles in expenditure structure reduced the benefit of expenditure structure greatly

  17. The influence of intelligence level and personality type of senior high school students on their attitude towards study burden

  18. The fact the peony pavilion was very popular among women audience in the ming and the qing dynasties reflects, on the subconscious level, their desire of relieving themselves in such daydream like works from the heavy burden of reality

    從潛意識層面看,明清女性接受者由衷喜愛《牡丹亭》 ,正反映出現實壓抑狀況中的她們渴望通過這「白日夢」般的藝術得到某種心理減壓。
  19. This paper, with the application of system innovation theory, new - system economics and management theory, has a careful investigation on the history of the institution - transformed companies at country level, and systematically set up a management pattern suitable for the further development of them, whose key points include the following : to build up good instruction - transformed companies at country level and upgrade them according to modern enterprise system ; to achieve detachment of enterprises from the government through reducing the burden of their political and social functions by effective policies ; to set up managerial structure suitable for market mechanism ; to realize market - oriented management ; to get rid of the " insiders - dominating " situation and bring into professional managers and outside talents ; to improve the supervi sory mechanism based on common villagers and non - shareholders ; to put into practice the industrial strategy and economic concept of " property as bases, tertiary industry as focuses " ; to reconstruct with market mechanism the " villages in city " ; etc. by the research, hoping to find out one good way of new management style for countryside urbanization on theory

    本文運用制度創新、新制度經濟學、公司治理學中的理論,對村級轉制公司的歷史進程進行了細致的回顧,首次提出了如何系統地構建村級轉制公司的問題,關鍵環節包括:通過產權創新實現村級轉制公司的制度、體制創新:通過行之有效的政策取向減除其行政和社會職能的負擔,使之實現政企分開:構建適合市場機制的公司治理結構、轉向經濟型公司治理;改善「內部人」控制局面,引入職業經理人機制和外來優秀人才;健全以普通股(村)民和非股東為主的監事機制;實施以「物業為基礎、第三產業為重點」的產業戰略與經濟發展觀;引入市場機制改造「城中村」 。藉此研究,希望在理論上探索一條適應農村城市化進程的管理新體制,以點及面,以廣州市的農村轉制公司為點,構思村級轉制公司的構建與經營模式,供我國農村城市化的村級轉制組織參考。
  20. Next, should consider different age paragraph the different burden level that worker medical treatment consumes, differentiate by the age the scale class that writes down every worker