c-note 中文意思是什麼

c-note 解釋
n. 名詞 〈美俚〉百元鈔票。

  • c :
  • note : NOTE =noe of the above 把選票上的名字全勾掉。n 1 備忘錄,筆記,記錄,略記;回想,意見。2 注,註...
  1. 100 prizes : an infantile epistle, dated, small em monday, reading : capital pee papli comma capital aitch how are you note of interrogation capital eye i am very well full stop new paragraph signature with flourishes capital em milly no stop : a cameo brooch, property of ellen bloom born higgins, deceased : 3 typewritten letters, addressee, henry flower, c o p. o. westland row, addresser, martha clifford, c o p. o. dolphin s barn : the transliterated name and address of the addresser of the 3 letters in reserved alphabetic boustrophedontic punctated quadrilinear cryptogram vowels suppressed n. igs. wi. uu

    三封打字信,收信人為:亨利弗羅爾,韋斯特蘭橫街郵政局轉交發信人為:瑪莎克利弗德,海豚倉巷郵政局收轉。三信的發信人住址姓名被改寫為字母交互逆綴式附有句號分作四行的密碼母音字母略之如下: nigs wiuuoxwoksmhyim 296英國周刊現代社會297的一張剪報:論女學校中的體罰。一截粉紅色緞帶,這是一八九九年系在一顆復活節彩蛋上的。
  2. C. inspect lacrimal apparatus and note edema or inflammation. palpate to detect tenderness. ( note : apply gloves if drainage present. ) inspect for excess tearing or edema of inner canthus

    檢查淚器,注意水腫或炎癥。觸碰檢查有無觸痛。 (注意:如有滲液就帶手套)檢查有無淚水過多或內眥水腫。
  3. Note that you didn t have to write any code, so you could have used both the delphi and the c edition of kylix 3 to build the application

    注意,您不必編寫任何代碼,所以完全可以使用kylix 3的delphi版和c + +版來構建這樣的應用程序。
  4. We are not speaking so much of those delightful lovesongs with which the writer who conceals his identity under the graceful pseudonym of the little sweet branch has familiarised the bookloving world but rather as a contributor d. o. c. points out in an interesting communication published by an evening contemporary of the harsher and more personal note which is found in the satirical effusions of the famous raftery and of donald macconsidine to say nothing of a more modern lyrist at present very much in the public eye

    這里說的並非讀書界所熟悉的那種悅耳的情歌,原作者真名不詳,使用的是「可愛的小枝」 243一文雅的筆名而是正如署名d o c的撰稿人在當代某晚報上發表的饒有興味的通信中所指出的那種更辛辣更動人的調子。
  5. A note on the complexity of c - palindromes

  6. Note : this section must be completed. the submittal of a resume or c. v. in lieu of completing this section does not fulfill the requirement

  7. Treatment : the isolation sickness dog, with chain antibiotic and so on mildew element, terramycin, tetracyclin unifies just right for the illness treatment - supplement vitamin c, the static note glucose and the strong heart diuresis

    治療:隔離病犬,用鏈黴素、土霉素、四環素等抗生素結合對癥治療補充維生素c 、靜注葡萄糖和強心利尿。
  8. He emphasized self - expression, the warm personal note presaged by c. p. e. bach and mozart

  9. Note 1 : if ak series need to take the meter, then only to be able to select lcd liquid crystal meter code c or e, does not provide the explosion - proof product temporarily

    注1 : ak系列如需帶表頭只能選擇lcd液晶錶頭代碼「 c 」或「 e 」 ,暫不提供防爆產品。
  10. C. 2 - note 1 : the new product introduction program should include provisions for such programs as : quality and reliability prediction studies, pilot production, demand and capacity studies, sales and service personnel training, and new product post - introduction evaluations

  11. Clear up sale contract, finished goods delivery note and l / c

  12. Clear up sale contract , finished goods delivery note and l / c

  13. Note : the single - core armoured high performance flame - retardant cables are used for d. c system only, as for a. c. system non - magnetic aromour materials should be or magnetic isolation should be applied

  14. Please note that this advice does not constitute cut confirmation at the above l / c nor does it convey any engagement or obligation on our part

  15. Note that the allocation hook function explicitly excludes crt blocks the memory allocated internally by the c run - time library from its log

  16. C : can your bank provide training or seminars on trade documentation to our company ? as we note that it is very difficult to train new staff

  17. C : can your bank provide training or seminars on trade document tion to our company ? as we note that it is very difficult to train new staff

  18. Please note our order is bulky and sequentially hence, reminded thing is that we need also a clc ( container loading check ) and a preshipment inspection as l / c clauses. you know they are realy only things that could protect us

  19. Note ? c this would be used by the called party on calls considered to be malicious

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