basal structure 中文意思是什麼

basal structure 解釋
  • basal : adj. 1. 基部的。2. 基礎的,基本的。n. 【地質學;地理學】基板。
  • structure : n. 1. 構造,結構;組織;石理,石紋。2. 建造物。3. 【化學】化學結構。4. 【心理學】(直接經驗中顯現的)結構性,整體性;整體結構。adj. -d ,-less adj.
  1. Form. taxus chinensis var. mairei is protecting plant in the first class, which is a precious and endangering plant in china in this paper, the quantitative characterics of form. taxus chinensis vsr. mairei population including age structure, spatial distribution pattern, growth dynamics of tree basal area, niche characterics, fractal dimension and competition between specises were studied using methods of mathematics ecology from the angle of population ecology of form. taxus chinensis var. mairei, then the prent state and the endangering causes were analysed. this research offers gist to protecting and enlarging the crude resourse of form. taxus chinensis vsr. mairei population, afforesting plantation and sustainable utilize for us

    本文從南方紅豆杉種群生態學的角度、主要應用數學生態學的方法探討南方紅豆杉種群的數量特徵,包括南方紅豆杉種群年齡結構、種群空間格局(探討分佈格局動態規律與生境相互關系) 、不同立地條件下種群優勢度增長趨勢、生態位寬度、生態位相似比例、生態位重疊、空間占據能力及種間競爭等,分析其目前現狀及瀕危原因,期望為南方紅豆杉野生資源的保護和擴大、營造人工林及可持續利用提供理論基礎,也為瀕危植物種群生態學的研究提供參考。
  2. The growth dynamics of tree basal area of form. taxus chinensis var. mairei population in different altitude were discussed using the liu - logistic model, and the results showed that the altutide of 790 meters is more suitable to the survive of form. toms chinensis var. mairei population than 990 meters. plot sampling was selected and dynamic analysis was used to study the height structure of taxus chinensis var. mairei population, and the quadrate picture of height structure and the curve of survival rate were drew

  3. However, the centriole is not essential for spindle formation, although an analogous structure, the basal body, is responsible for organizing the microtubules of undulipodla

  4. Soil microbial biomass and viable population size ( plant counts ) were negatively affected by the elevated metal levels, but the size of soil basal respiration rate and microbial metabolic quotients were positively influenced by the increasing heavy metal pollution levels. microbial community structure also changed with increasing contamination, as indicated by biolog data and principal component analysis of biolog community metabolic profiles. soil microbial metabolic profiles ( awcd ) values, community richness and diversity index in mine - soils decreased remarkably as compared

    相關分析結果表明,土壤重金屬含量和土壤基礎呼吸、微生物量cfn 、代謝剖面( awcd ) 、微生物商( cmic / corg ) 、代謝商( qc02 )與人工栽培的香根草植物地上部分呈顯著或極顯著正相關(卜0 . 6653飛0 . 8945 」 ) ;微生物量c 、微生物量n 、生化作用強度、酶活性、群落shannon指數( h )和微生物群落豐富度( s )與人工栽培的香根草植物地上部分生物量呈顯著或極顯著地負相關( r =一。
  5. In this thesis, the basal theory of the nuclear structure were firstly and systemically described, the background and the application of the liquid - drop model, feimi - gas model, shell model and collective movement model were meticulously concluded and summarized. on the one hand, we not only pointed out their success, as well as their important effects on developing the nuclear theory and setting up the integrated nuclear theory system, but also pointed out their deficiencies

  6. 2 microtubules sent out from the outer domain of the basal body in rows were added to 40 pairs step by step through the reservoir ; 3 the microtubule supporting layer then formed surrounding the canal ; 4 the structure unit of two microtubule turned to be the ridge and groove structure in epiplasm

    發現小眼蟲微管體系是以鞭毛根為微管組織中心,從微管組織中心microtubule organizing center , mtoc的外圍區域呈排狀向上發出,逐步添加微管至40對止,並通過儲蓄泡逐步形成環繞溝道canal的微管支撐層。
  7. Based on analyzing deeply the basal principle and the system structure of the multi - sensors information fusion technology, and according to the model of feature level fusion, the achieving method of fire detection system based on simulated annealing feature level fusion is presented. this method that searches first - rank ‘ feature fusion coefficient ’ through simulated annealing arithmetic can improve the validity property and demote the mis - warning rate

    在深入討論了多傳感器信息融合技術的基本原理及體系結構的基礎上根據特徵層融合的模型提出了基於模擬退火的特徵層融合火災探測系統實現方法,使用模擬退火演算法搜索最佳的「特徵融合系數」 ,從而提高火災探測的正確性,降低誤報率。
  8. At the base of getting a great deal of structure corrode damage data and through statistic fitting method, discovered the rule between outboard wing corroded depth and lifespan at different airport. then we can calculate the inoxidizing coating lifespan, basal body corroding expansion lifespan and first repair time

  9. On the premise that the basal transducer layout was designed according to the requirements of deep - sea exploring surroundings and technology on the basis of the hardware structure and data collecting ways of interferometric sonar, the echo signal by energy relativity search is analyzed and calculated, altitude data of the tiny terrain on the seabed under real - time irradiation of ultrasonic is gained as to provide parameters of best cutting depth for intellectualization of the seabed mining vehicle timely and promptly

  10. This thesis describes the main characters and development of pfc technology, analyzes the means and basal theory of all kinds of pfc technologies on structure of the main circuit and control mode, and illustrates the necessary and importance of the digital pfc

  11. First of all, the thesis introduces the basal content about chinese news terminal serve link criterion v1. 2, which has been promulgated by china telecom. and following introduce the basic principle of fsk signal transmission by public switched telephone network ( pstn ). this paper discusses the structure and properties of tarsm user end system

    本文介紹了中國電信集團公司企業標準之基於電話網的信息終端及綜合平臺技術規范- - - -中文信息終端服務介面規范v1 . 2的一些基本內容,以及通過公共電話交換網路進行fsk信號傳輸的基本原理。
  12. In the moral structure of contemporary society which is open, equal and diversified, there are three basal elements, that is, the base line of ethics, common faith, and ultimate care

  13. Between the secretory cell and the basal cell the cell wall exists the similar structure of casparian strip through which much plasmodesma goes

  14. High sucrose and agar is apt to keep the tight close structure of callus. ( 4 ) the optional inducing medium of adventitious buds is ms basal medium with 2mg / l 6 - ba, 30g / l sucrose and 9g / l agar. all the tested genotypes have high inducing rate on this medium

    供試的4個基因型在此培養基上不定芽誘導效率均最高,由高到低依次為:松93 - 8為962 . 9 ;東農v10為679 . 7 ;東農419為542 . 5 ;富士光為482 . 6 ,與其它處理差異達到顯著。
  15. In the article, from phenomenon to theory, we have studied the characteristics of strong group seismogenic earthquakes and group activities and tried setting up 3d finite element model and studied the mechanism of strong earthquakes group activities, particularly, aiming at sichuan - yunnan special region, applying the latest research result of geologic structure and deep physical geography. it is only the original intention to set up a theoretical basal platform for earthquake analysis and prediction and to search for some ways for physical prediction

  16. The results of this research provide basal information for studying the structure and function of pheromone, for elucidating the process of recognition between the pheromone and receptor and the mechanism of mating of euplotes

  17. The theoretic in this thesis consists of three parts : basal principle and system structure of data fusion technology ; principle and method of fire detecting and fire detecting system based on data fusion system

  18. Subsequently, systematically introduces a cost control system of knit which is designed by the author independently and is adopted by knit. the system is based on the process of performing of abcm which is reconstructed in part one, and is composed of two basal subsystems, three performing subsystems and two sustaining subsystems. the former include organizational structure subsystem and institution subsystem

  19. Third, this paper analyzed prevailing organization structure of enterprise, material flow and money flow procedure, and compared the advanced distribution system of internal basal retailing unit with the distribution system of abroad refined petroleum product retailing terminal on labor, management system, incentive and distribution system

  20. Today, the main data source of data mining is historical databases which mainly include text and numerical data. the data mining on multimedia data on www, specially, image and video, lacks enough research. this paper discussed some basal problems about multimedia, including definition, theories and technologies that multimedia data mining needs, system structure and model