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road transport 解釋
  • road : n 1 路,道路;街〈略 Rd 〉;公路;行車道;路程,行程。2 〈美國〉鐵路。3 方法,手段,辦法;(走向...
  • transport : vt 1 運輸,運送,輸送。2 【歷史】處流刑,流放。3 殺死。4 〈常用被動語態〉使心情極度激動,使欣喜若...
  1. The paper aimed at researching the index systems, methodology, and modes of sustainable road transport development evaluation, and established the mathematic modes with several practical indexes such as transport concinnity, road transport resource saving, road environmental and bionomical protection indexes, with which the sustainable development statuses of road development in china are able to individually or comprehensively evaluated

  2. Sandwich panels for industrial road transport bodywork and fixed cells - guidance for general delivery conditions - part 1 : panels with composite skins

  3. Intelligent transport system ( its ), also called road transport telematics ( rtt ) in europe, is a new transport system based on high - tech including system engineering, electronics, telecommunication and informatics, and which penetrated into airborne, railage and marine

  4. Combined rail and road transport

  5. Based on the above studies, the author carefully comes out 7 policies affecting china ' s road transport industry, which are the policy of road transport legislation system, the policy on restructuring the road transport industry, the policy on pricing system of road transport, the policy on reforming the approval system of operating on passenger transport routes, the policy on the development of logistics industry, the policy on the direction of changing the role of governments and its enforcing measures, the policy on reforming road transport administration system

  6. Rttt. rttt road transport and traffic telematics - dedicated short - range communication - profiles for rttt applications

  7. There is no licensing requirement for carriage of the prescribed articles by aircraft or by road transport

  8. The present road transport policies, including the policy on the development of private - owned road transport firms, the policy on profit - making transport and non - profit - making transport, the policy on the allocation of the burden of taxes and fees, the policy on road transport pricing, the policy on the approval of operating on a certain passenger transport route, the policy on the development of logistics industry are studied. the drawbacks and unreasonableness in the above policies are examined

  9. The higher the rate of increase in traffic volumes, the sooner the benefits of short term reductions in emissions will be lost. therefore, additional measures will be required to manage vehicle use and reduce emissions from road transport

  10. The operating mechanism of the market entry analyzes the present conditions of maritime market, domestic water transport market and the road transport ; the measurements that improve market entry rules should be taken. these measurements include eliminating policies that hinder fair competition or limit market entry, step by step to enter the market and introduce the cash deposit rule for non - asset logistics supplier

  11. Transportation services - guidance notes on the application of en iso 9002 to the road transport, storage and distribution industries

    運輸服務.道路運輸,儲藏和配送企業應用en iso 9002指導性說明
  12. Road transport and traffic telematics - dedicated short - range communication - physical layer using microwave at 5. 8 ghz

    道路運輸和交通遠程信息處理技術.專用短途通信.使用5 . 8 ghz微波的物理層
  13. Road transport and traffic telematics - dedicated short - range communication - physical layer using microwave at 5, 8 ghz ; english version en 12253 : 2004

  14. This contract is one of the world s largest road transport privatisations

  15. Finally, it gives out some proposes and measures to promote the organization structure and management structure of road transport industry

  16. Specification for welded steel tanks for the road transport of liquefiable gases

  17. On modern management of road transport file

  18. Efc. efc road transport and traffic telematics - electronic fee collection - guidelines for efc security protection profiles

  19. Efc. road transport and traffic telematics. electronic fee collection. application interface definition for dedicated short range communications

  20. Road transport and traffic telematics - electronic fee collection - test procedures for user and fixed equipment - description of test procedures