ongoing activity 中文意思是什麼

ongoing activity 解釋
  • ongoing : adj. 前進的,進行的。n. 前進,發展;〈pl. 〉(奇怪的或不適當的)處置,行動;行為,工作,事務。
  • activity : n. 1. 活動;活躍;動作;活動力;能動性。2. 活性;放射性。3. 機能,功能。4. 〈美國〉機構。5. 〈pl. 〉 活動范圍。
  1. Whenever the archive holds an activity or puts out a publication, it is the research section that supply the relevant information, photographs, and orgainise interviews. newspaper cuttings and all kinds of documentary materials are compiled, arranged and then filed in order to ensure the archive s ongoing collection of information

  2. There is currently a lot of ongoing activity in the scientific community to extend or study the security of e - mail

  3. If you have a concern regarding an ongoing activity involving criminal or suspicious behaviour, you are encouraged to report it using one of the following options

  4. The travelling salesman problem is always one of the most interesting and the hardest topic in combinatorial majorization. there is currently a lot of ongoing activity in the scientific community to research tsp

  5. Provides an ongoing look at processor activity in real time

  6. In the ongoing rapidly changing market environment, it is impossible to gain competitive advantages for enterprise and enterprise group only by scale advantage or diversification. the essence between enterprises is changing, and the activity of knowledge production, using and creation has become the key activity in the course of enterprise ' s value - added. this provides a thoroughly new framework and perspective for us to analyze enterprise and the management of group and subsidiary company

  7. Dynamic management views contain nonpersisted metadata that represents ongoing server activity, dynamically changing state, and diagnostic information