jacketing 中文意思是什麼

jacketing 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 【機械工程】套。
2. 〈口語〉毆打,鞭打。

  1. Metacaulk cable coating has been formulated to be compliable with and to adhere to typical cable jacketing materials

  2. Our main produce items covers knitted shirts, men ' s & lady ' s t - shirts, customer screened printed shirts, polo shirts, vest, short & long pants, pajamas, jacketing, sports sweat and piece goods

    我司主要生產:針織t恤衫, polo衫,長短褲,背心,童裝,睡衣和夾克衫,運動套裝,以及針織布匹。
  3. The special designed cooling barrel jacketing has a large heat conduction area and good cooling effect

  4. Comparison including the cracking, yielding and ultimate loads of the beam, load - displacement curve, envelop curve, the ductility and energy - dissipation capacity were made between the response of the specimens before and after strengthening. test results indicated that the yielding loads of the specimens after strengthening were improved from 12. 3 percent to 17. 2 percent and the improvement of specimens rehabilitated by jacketing was higher than that of the bonding steel plates one

    加固后試件破壞同樣發生在梁端,屈服荷載比加固前提高12 . 3 17 . 2 ,與粘鋼加固相比,加大截面法加固的試件承載力提高幅度較大;加固后試件的延性和耗能性能比加固前有很大的改善,其中以粘鋼加固的試件提高最為明顯。
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  6. Standard guide for selecting materials to be used for insulation, jacketing and strength components in fiber - optic cables

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  8. Metacaulk cable coating is an ablative intumescent water based sprayable coating designed to resist the spread ( propagation ) of fire along the cable jacketing and to extend the circuit integrity of the electrical cables

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  10. With jacketing mill barrel, it can complement heating and cooling according to requirement

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  13. Characteristics of termite resistant jacketing materials for electrical cable and optical cable part 2 : polyolefin copolymer

  14. We ? l provide you with specifications on jacketing material, connectors, core optical fiber type, epoxy, temperature ratings and more