jackfruit 中文意思是什麼

jackfruit 解釋
n. 名詞 【植物;植物學】1. 波羅蜜樹〈產于東印度〉。
2. 波羅蜜樹果實。
3. 波羅蜜樹木材。

  1. After they both agreed, they went out to share a big jackfruit together

  2. Thai fruit jackfruit

  3. Observation on the vessel elements of secondary xylem in jackfruit artocarpus heterophyllus

  4. Also known as jackfruit. this oval - shaped, yellow fruit is very popular in malaysia

  5. Ingredients : jackfruit , glucose syrup , refined vegetable oil , flavor ( hvp, flavors, natural essential oil ), antioxidant

    配料:菠蘿蜜、葡萄糖漿、精煉植物油、調味料(水解植物蛋白、食用香料、天然植物精油) 、抗氧化劑。
  6. Surrounded by litchi, bamboo and jackfruit trees, embellished with rustic style thatched pavilions and open - air dining tables on the lawn, the garden is a beautiful place for outdoor dining

  7. His village home lay there at the end of the waste land, beyond the sugarcane field, hidden amomg the shadows of the banana and the slender arecapalm, the coconut and the dark green jackfruit trees

  8. Two people went out to eat a kind of food called jackfruit. it s a kind of fruit that has spines outside and looks very ugly. it s this fat and this big with many seeds and sweet knobby flesh inside

  9. Several years ago, fellow practitioners planted jackfruit trees in the parking lot of laiyi center. as time passed, the trees grew and bore fruit. now, one can see seven or eight jackfruits, each weighing some 24 kg, growing on each tree

  10. Various seasonal delicacy fruit, the species are numerous, all the year round continuously, streets of kunming often the years all have the supply. the famous fruit have : the ivory fruit of jinggu, pineapple of xinping, yuanyang, yuanjiang and lujiang, zhiama banana, tiaobao banana and aijiao bananb of honghe, yuxi, simao, dehong, the baozhu pear of chenggong, the green apple of zhaotong, the yellow peach of the suburban area of kunming, taoli and huize of kunming and luliang, receive from of pomegranate, the jackfruit of the river valley district etc

  11. The decision to grow jackfruit trees along the driveway of the parking lot was made by the work team after consideration of a number of factors. considerations included whether the branches of the trees would bend too low, causing damage to cars and making parking inconvenient, whether the trees would require longterm care, and whether they would yield an economic return