runoff of low water 中文意思是什麼

runoff of low water 解釋
  • runoff : 降雨徑流
  • of : OF =Old French 古法語。
  • low : adj 1 低的;淺的,矮的。 low flight 低飛。 a low temperature 低溫。 low tide [water] 低潮。 The g...
  • water : n 1 水;雨水;露;〈常作 pl 〉 礦泉,溫泉;藥水。2 〈常 pl 〉水體;水域;水道;海;湖;河;海域;...
  1. Infiltration mostly depended on matric potential gradient and the effect of upslope runoff could be omitted, when initial water content was very low

  2. And the major results and some new viewpoints were presented as follow : 1 ) sediment content of cn tillage system in runoff process is substantially low compared to st under rainfall with high intensity, showing cn bear the efficient capacity of control soil loss. nevertheless, when soil is saturated, the runoff intensity of both tillage systems is near, implicating cn has the limited function of reducing runoff. 2 ) based on the case analysis of observed all rainfall - runoff generation processes, a ) the initiation time hysteresis of surface runoff generation is notable when rainfall fall upon the unsaturated purple soils, which is attributed to the property of rapid water sorption and much non - capillary porosity

    經近幾年的觀測和理論分析,取得了以下結果和創新的認識: 1 )在降雨強度較大的情況下,保護性耕作制? ?聚土免耕的產沙強度明顯較常規耕作制? ?順坡耕作的小,說明聚土免耕耕作制防治土壤流失是有效的;但當土壤達到飽和后,聚土免耕的徑流強度與常規耕作的差異較小,產沙強度也增大,因此,聚土免耕防治水土流失的能力是有限的。
  3. The system follows carnot cycle principle. driven by electricity, its working substance absorbs the latent heat in the air or other low - temperature heat source, and waste heat let out of living or industry, compresses it to heat by compressor, exchange, exchange heat with water to higher the water temperature ( 55 warm ). it a new water heating apparatus, used in home heating, and influenced by environment runoff and the heat exchang of working substance. this system is more used in southem china

    根據逆卡諾循環原理,採用電能驅動,通過工質吸收空氣中或其他低溫熱源中無法被利用的太陽能潛熱、生活及工業排放的廢熱,通過壓縮機壓縮升溫,再與水換熱,使水溫升高,獲得( 55 )熱水,是一種新型的熱水製造設備,應用於家庭和熱水系統,受到環境溫差和工質換熱的影響,熱泵熱水器/熱水系統更多適合南方地區應用。
  4. The result shows that the water resources carrying capacity is much higher according to the amount of year - runoff than that according to the low flow. this indicates that the carrying capacity of low water resources is lower and the amount of water resources has hindered the development of society and economy in karst region in dry seasons

  5. With the implementation of a closed low flow drainage system for the collection of runoff from the proposed third golf course, and lower fertilizer and pesticides requirements for seashore paspalum, no operational water quality impact is expected

  6. In low developed non - karat mountain area, the main water supply patten is fetching water from a river, water - fetching building is built mostly on the bank or at the bottom of the river, it seemed to be fetching water from underground, but the quantity of the water depends on the runoff of the river, so it has close relationship with surfacewater actually

  7. The whole concept of the collection of golf course runoff by the proposed closed low flow drainage system can facilitate water recycle, reuse and reduction during the future operational phase of the proposed third golf course