fall outside 中文意思是什麼

fall outside 解釋
  • fall : vi (fell; fallen )1 落下;散落,(毛發等)脫落;降落;(水銀柱等)下降;(物價)下落,跌落;(...
  • outside : n 1 外頭,外部,外面,外側;外觀;外表;外界;【電話】外線;【體育】出界。2 極端。3 〈英國〉(公...
  1. As distribution costs fall, cinema multiplexes all over the world will be able to show more low - budget films made outside of hollywood

  2. 6 he stops in the entryway, picks up his briefcase and steps outside. a fall wind has kicked up. the weatherman was right. he pulls his raincoat tighter

  3. Outside everything is still. shadows fall among the trees, shaped like pieces of a puzzle

  4. It is by medical treatment insurance commission is managed, provide free public hospital service, outside helping the courtyard that pays a share, serve and supply the allowance drug that plans to fall in medicaments allowance

  5. South of japan, the kuroshio path of maximal velocity is outside the other three seasons in winter. in the kuroshio extension, the two points of the lee - wave also shows seasonal variabilities, and the path is most winding in summer, straight in fall

    黑潮延續體最大流速主軸在西段的第一個峰處,冬季的峰值點比其它各季向東移了一個經度;第二個峰處,則以夏季彎曲最為平緩,且在155 e附近有一個向南的小彎曲路徑。
  6. The importan charateristics of wat902h camera and pci 500 camera and methods of capturing video are also included in this paper. imaging computer outside submarine can transfer data between control computer in the submarine by w2k ' s tednal service with highspeed. due to specific charaeristics of undersea optical imaging, underwater imaging processing technique fall into two categoriesfhardware and software, hardware are the design of the lenses used in waer and the choice of high - quality ccd caxner4the other is compllter digital irnage processing, that is mainly gray - level boformation and image sharpening. underwater image - processing software is designed on the basis of image processing on windows avi digital video file

  7. Yet even when his eyes were opened on the mist and rain, on the moving patch of light from the lamps, and the hedge at the roadside retreating by jerks, the night shadow s outside the coach would fall into the train of the night shadows within

  8. And he must have a good reputation with those outside the church, so that he will not fall into reproach and the snare of the devil

    提前3 : 7監督也必須在教外有好名聲、恐怕被人毀謗、落在魔鬼的網羅里。
  9. The top is a light plate, round in shape, a style of protruding first five - year plan of the centre, the decorations of the line are cancelled and connected with the line, overturn and rise and fall, go back to crook naturally outside the plate

  10. Particles from outside this region can fall in, cross the event horizon, and will never be able to leave

  11. Then, it analyzes the current situation of the operation performance of the secondary bank, and considers that the main reasons lies in the influence of state - owned commercial bank of branch mechanism ' s management system, difficulty in adapting to the great change of outside environment, the defect of classified authorization mode of state - owned bank, the fall behind of organization concepts, check supervision mechanism and the imperfect of the inner - controlled mechanism, etc. therefore, operation mechanism must be reformed and operation performance must be improved

  12. Though millions of tourists flock here during fall - foliage season, most vermonters stay close to home, enjoying the seasonal changes in a tree or two outside their doors

  13. With the fall of burma and the closure of the " burma road, " in april 1942, the japanese army had effectively cut - off china ' s last remaining land route to the outside world

  14. A few valuable goods, cannot the belongings of appraisal value ( wait like money, file, calligraphy and painting ) or the belongings that is in urgent quicksand to fall, do not belong to outside the person that eliminate extraordinary agreement insurable belongings

  15. On the other hand, edits can also be used to falsify information and give the erroneous impression that a process is under control ; for example, a program output edit may add a spurious " correction " factor to f values which fall outside of the pre - established limits, thus turning an unacceptable value into anue

  16. Since the therapeutic objectives of these drugs fall outside the scope of public medical services, patients who choose to use these drugs will be required to purchase them at their own expenses

  17. On the other hand, direct marketing materials addressed to " the occupant " or " the tenant " of a certain address would fall outside the scope of the ordinance

  18. If flow requirements fall outside the capacity of a single valve, an additional smaller valve installed in parallel may be required

  19. Inter are willing to keep down their asking price, however materazzi ' s personal demands are sure to fall outside lazio president claudio lotito ' s strict wage structure

  20. " we believe that with the widespread use of consumer credit in hong kong, there is a need for clear ground rules to be laid down for consumer credit reference agencies as such agencies currently fall outside the scope of existing regulatory mechanisms