retrain 中文意思是什麼

retrain 解釋
  1. The president has tried to woo it, with promises of increased “ trade - adjustment assistance ”, a package of benefits aimed at helping retrain workers who lose their jobs as a result of increased foreign competition, and offering to toughen the labour standards required of trade partners

    總統試圖拉攏以爭取更多的「貿易調整援助」 ,這一系列援助旨在幫助再培訓那些因為增加的國外競爭而失去工作的工人們,並提供完善貿易合伙人要求的勞工標準。
  2. We want by this study to convince the government to invest the amounts of money necessary to make this possible to create and enforce ntzs, to compensate fishermen for loss of fishing grounds, and to retrain fishermen who might want to engage in a different activity, he said

  3. The shop is closed for staff retrain

  4. To retrain ourselves we must reparent ourselves

  5. Some people retrain to improve their skills and to use new technology

  6. Then a thorough analysis to the bias - magnetic of ppfc is made. the retraining effects of the main parameters ( include clamping capacitance c, output filter inductor lf, load r, the leakage inductor ls and source winding resistance r ) are studied under the conditions of different von, different ton and different winding parameters. then a conclusion can be drew, that the smaller lf and the bigger r are, the better the bias - magnetic is restrained and c has a best value to retrain the bias - magnetic

    分別對管壓降不同,導通時間不同以及兩原邊繞組參數不一致(包括漏感、電阻、激磁電感三種情況)的情況下,主要參數(包括箝位電容c 、輸出濾波電感lf 、負載r 、原邊繞組漏感ls 、原邊繞組電阻r )對偏磁的抑制作用進行了模擬分析研究,得出lf越小, r越大時激磁磁勢偏移量ni越小, c在其他參數確定時對抑制偏磁有最優值等結論,為參數的優化設計提供了依據。
  7. In order to retrain executives and encourage them strive for long - term interests of the company. it is inevitable to introduce the system of stock option

  8. Example : we learned that it was more expensive than we thought to retrofit our old production facility with new equipment and retrain our employees to operate it

  9. For instance, hong kong lacks the transportation network and warehouses suitable for the smooth functioning of logistics centres. moreover, the government should develop new services. for example, we can retrain the redundant low - skilled workers, make better use of the industrial land that is lying idle, and encourage the business sector to set up data processing centres which will be competitive in the international market

  10. To re - study whether there is a need to retrain the middle and old aged workers because of the skill mismatch in the labour market in hong kong. promoting life - long training and retraining system, increasing continued educational opportunities and protecting on - the - job training opportunities for workers to deal with the speedy transition of the future economic environment in hong kong

  11. Industry, faced with the pressures of a rapidly shifting market, is already designing new methods to retrain its workers

  12. " there ' s something very important in that first year of life when the immune system is developing that we can retrain it away from an allergic response, " said dr. william davis of columbia presbyterian medical center in new york

    紐約市哥倫比亞長老會醫學中心的威廉戴維斯博士指出: "嬰兒出生后第一年是免疫系統形成的時期,這時有一件事非常重要我們能鍛煉免疫系統避開過敏反應。