releasing device 中文意思是什麼

releasing device 解釋
  • releasing : 派發
  • device : n. 1. 設計,計劃;方法,手段。2. 〈pl. 〉意志,慾望。3. 謀略,策略,詭計。4. 器具,器械,設備,裝置。5. 圖案,圖樣;花樣;紋章;標記,商標;(紋章上的)題銘。
  1. Study on indomethacin release in vitro of active yuangong type 365 drug - releasing copper - bearing intrauterine contraceptive device

  2. The machine is composed of an automatic roll - releasing device, connecting platform, an automatic margin - cutting mechanism, an automatic tube forming device, a high frequency welding mechanism, the vertical and horizontal traction devices, an automatic synchronous revolving cutting mechanism and a computer control system

  3. The company is planning clinical tests of its device ' s ability to administer daily doses of parathyroid hormone to patients with osteoporosis or pulses of gonadotropin - releasing hormone every 90 minutes to women preparing for in vitro fertilization procedures

  4. The multi - circuitry heat - releasing infrared sense - alarming device is a subject including software and hardware systems which combines the technology of transducer, singlechip and microelectronics

  5. The rotary transmission case can achieve forward, reverse gear, which is fit for catching & revolving operation of different kinds of drill pipe ; reactive torque release device ensure drill pipes deformation releasing safety in the well drilling process

  6. This kind of alarming device makes use of heat - releasing infrared transducer, which can discern the special infrared rays of the human body and transform them to electrical signals, then send the signals to single chip

  7. Characteristic taper shank releasing device guarantees the taper shank can be stripped conveniently from it without any tools and accessories