aging resistant 中文意思是什麼

aging resistant 解釋
  • aging : n. 1. 陳釀。2. 熟化。
  • resistant : adj. 抵抗的;耐久的,穩定的。n. 抵抗者;有抵抗力的東西;防染劑,防腐劑。
  1. The material has good air permeability, ultraviolet radiation resistant, aging resistant, felting, ceramic tile, plasterer or painting can be directly laid on the waterproof layer

  2. By ministry of construciton. pvc sealed transparent adhesive tapes for aluminum doors and windows, rubber tubes and aluminum profiles, protecting membranes of wires and cables are our new products. they have such unique performances as supertransparent, ultra white, very soft, strong pulling force, cold - resistant, aging - resistant, attractive and durable, etc., which are advanced materials in china and well sold both home and abroad

    新近開發並投放市場的「 pvc透明鋁門窗密封膠條膠管和鋁材電線電纜專用的保護膜」 ,具有超透明超白度超軟度拉力特強抗耐寒抗老化且美觀耐用等獨特性能,是國內首創的高級工程首先材料,暢銷國內外。
  3. Due to test condition and financial ability, aging - resistant test carry out an experiment on three exterior wall coating

  4. Above - mentioned fluorin , silicon and rubber produces can be used with eletronic appliances which are temperature - resistant , cold - resistant and aging - resistance

  5. As a best substitute for painting and tile, flex finish tile is aging - resistant, color - fast and has a shelflife of over 30 years

  6. Effect of aging treatment on mechanical property and h2s resistant behavior of acicular ferrite pipeline steels

  7. For settle a great deal popularize and apply exterior wall coating, this paper study on acid rain - resistant, pollute - resistant, false accelerated aging - resistant of them. therein to, acid rain - resistant test is acid rain simulate test by environment quality data in chongqing. ph value is partly 0. 690, 0. 610, 0. 613, 0. 453

    為了解決重慶市外墻塗料不能大量推廣應用外墻塗料的重大難題,本文主要試驗研究三種不同主要成膜物(純丙、硅丙、氟樹脂)的外墻塗料的耐酸雨性、耐沾污性、耐人工加速老化等三大技術性能指標,其中耐酸雨性實驗是根據重慶市環境質量數據進行的酸雨模擬實驗, ph值分別為0 . 690 、 0 . 610 、 0 . 613 、 0 . 453 。
  8. Pvc inline screw thread metal steel wire reinforced tube with even smoothy tube wall and advantages of withstand voltage, corrosion proof, acid alkali resistant, excellent bending property and unease aging, ect. it can replace ordinary rubber reinforced pipe, pe pipe, soft rigid pvc piep and partial metal pipe

  9. Ould have good flexibility and flexing fatigue - resistance performance ; it should be anti - aging, oil - resistant and wear - resistant ; on the inner side of the back there should be point angel grooves of appropriate sizes made not only to meet technical de mands but also for purpose to improve the anti - wear performance, meanwhile, part of the noises shall be eliminated due to the escaping of the detained air between the be

  10. Gfm series solar modules are made of high efficiency solar cells in series or in parallel, high transmission rate and low iron tempered glass, anti - aging eva and high flame resistant tpt by hotlamination, with andized aluminum alloy frame. products have high efficiency, long life, easy installation, high resistance against wind pressure and hail impact etc advantages