reference marks 中文意思是什麼

reference marks 解釋
  • reference : n 1 (對委員、審查人等的)委託;委託項目[范圍]。2 說到,論到,提到。3 參考;參考書;附註,引證;...
  • marks : 分數
  1. Motor vehicle fiducial marks and three - dimensional reference system

  2. Road vehicles ; 3 - dimensional reference system and fiducial marks, definitions

  3. Road vehicles. three - dimensional reference system and fiducial marks. definitions

  4. In printing, a character set of given size, style and face. the set will contain lower case, capitals, small c apitals, numerals, ligatures, punctuation marks, reference marks, signs and spaces

  5. By viewing the cores in cored wells of the research district, combining with the depositional characters of every sand formation and its relevant marks of log facies, the differentiation and sorting of sedimentary microfacies of sublacustrine fan are described systematically ; the planar and vertical changing rules of sedimentary microfacies are studied on this base ; finally the three - dimensional mode of the sublacustrine fan is established, which provides a certain reference action for similar research work

  6. Try to get a letter of recommendation from each employment - related reference whom you know will give you good marks. for example, vice presidents, dept. managers, supervisors, subordinates, coworkers, customers

  7. Traditional culture art of china deserves to be used for reference, while emphasizing national nature and regional nature, we should design the marks using international symbolic languages

  8. The other variation does not repeat the order reference in the line records, but uses their positions to associate headers and lines a new header record marks the beginning of a new order ; every line record is part of this order until the next header record

    另一種變化是在line記錄中不重復訂單引用,而利用位置聯系header和line (新的header記錄表示新訂單的開始,在出現下一個header之前,所有的line記錄都屬于該訂單) 。
  9. If you are quoting passages from the text, short citations of three lines or fewer should be included in the main body of your paragraph within quotation marks and the page reference bracketed at the end or footnoted

  10. If there are any execution plans in the procedure cache that reference the table, alter table marks them to be recompiled on their next execution

    如果過程緩存中存在引用表的執行計劃, alter table會將這些執行計劃標記為下次執行時重新編譯。
  11. This method was aimed at the texture of existing figures on the wall, so it did not need use special instruments and array lots of reference points, it only needed some simple marks and measuring work to accomplish the photograph of base image