reach the hotel 中文意思是什麼

reach the hotel 解釋
  • reach : vt 1 到,抵,到達(特定地點,目的地等),(長度等)達到…;(子彈等)打中;擴展到…,延及…,(作為...
  • the : 〈代表用法〉…那樣的東西,…那種東西。1 〈用單數普通名詞代表它的一類時(所謂代表的單數)〉 (a) 〈...
  • hotel : 通訊中代表h的詞。n 旅館,旅社。 a(n) hotel car 〈美國〉帶餐車的臥車。 American plan hotel美國式...
  1. Zhongtai hotel, located in zhongtai mansion, has 30 thousand sq. m. of building area, good location conditions, wide surrounding space, and eyeshot there may reach as long as the yangtze river and nanjing olympic sports center

  2. Add : rua comendador kou ho neng, macau the hotel ritz offers the best location in macau, right next door to the popular penha church, a - ma temple as well as the city center. taking only 5 - minutes to reach the bank of china building and lisboa casino

  3. In the accurate student studying abroads that the door goes abroad at the beginning of this special still proposal, the map of the airport had better be arrived at to data center photocopy before travel, reach its circumjacent and street graph, in addition inquire the hotel directory near this airport, yi ke earmark breaks out the measure of meet an emergency of the state

  4. The total architectural area of the hotel will reach 38000 ?

  5. The zhonglian hotel is situated on jiangyan street along yalu river in the business tourism section of dandong. the advantageous position enables guests to reach the railway station, bus station, aviation ticket office and downtown area in just 5 - minutes

  6. Whose estimated age, a2, 700 years, makes it one of the oldest living sequoias. then reach wawona, site of a hotel, golf course, and other facilities

  7. We wound through the crowd and finally reach the hotel

  8. In empapk grand hotel, kunming, upwards the third floor are rooms, there are total of 746 rooms in the whole hotel, with the area of the luxury room reach 70 sp, its comfortable atmosphere for the nation is the best in the world

  9. The piaoying hotel is located on the southern end of zhapu delicious food street, near the bund, close to the famous world buildings, nanjing road walking street and the business street on north sichuan road. it is also convenient to reach the airport and railway station. the piaoying hotel has two villas, an ideal place for leisure and business travelers alike

  10. Hotel is a new four - star apartment, nearby the zhujiang river, about only 10 mins from tianhe railway station and only 6 mins from the pazhou international convention and exhibition center. it is only 500 meter from the subway station, and you can reach the new and old fair hall of guangzhou, pedestrain fo beijing road directly

  11. The two parties reach a consensus on arranging a programme for vietnam students on scholarships to study in china. november 1, the celebration of 25th anniversary of pcl scholars exchange programme, co - hosted by csc and university of westminster, is held at beijing hotel

    11月1日,由國家留學基金委和英國西敏斯特大學university of westminster共同主辦的"中英pcl學者交流項目實施25周年慶祝活動"在北京飯店舉行。
  12. The interior suspended ceiling and partition walls of shanghai airlines travel hotel all adopt " chuncui european style ” gypsum products, in which non - paper - surface gypsum boards reach over 60, 000m2

  13. Silver harbour hotel in guangzhou s baiyun mountain area has beautiful scenery, fresh air, the vision, to facilitate traffic flow is, from the guangzhou east train station through train station - 9 only 10 minutes away, one high - speed guangzhou airport, 35 minutes to reach the airport, 25 minutes to pazhou new transactions assembly hall

    廣州銀海港賓館位於風景秀麗的白雲山腳下,空氣清新,視野開闊,交通十分便利,距廣州火車東站廣九直通車站僅十分鐘路程,鄰廣州機場高速, 35分鐘可達機場, 25分鐘可達琶洲新交易會館。
  14. A brief introduction of cassia plaza hotel in kunming city cassia plaza hotel is a three - star hotel open to foreign tourists, built with the fund offered by yuxi red tower aggregation. located at the crossroad of dianchi road and xiyuan road, the hotel enjoys a golden position, for its traffic condition is perfect it can be reached within one minute from fuhai overpass at the second ring - road, and it takes just 10 minutes to get to the airport and train station, and what s more, one can get to dianchi national tourism holiday zone and yunnan ethnic village within 20 minutes by traveling southwest along dianchi road ; besides, one can reach the city s center by taking more than 10 different number of buses at their bus stops existing on xiyuan road, southern ring - road and western ring - road just near the hotel itself

  15. Haicang bridge and xiamen bridge connects the hotel to haicang industrial zone and jimei industrial zone. it is only ten minutes drive to the airport, railway station or ferry terminal. many shopping malls and banks are within easy reach

  16. It s a large international 4 - star business hotel comprising food beverage, accommodation, office, entertainment and shopping seavices. location : the hotel takes only 20 - minutes driving to reach the meilan international airport and yuehai railway station. surrounding : the hotel is broaded international finance and trade area to the south, the largest green park of china - wanlu park and the vast qiongzhou strait to the north, the busy new haikou harbor to the east, and the tropical west coastal belt - like park to the west

  17. Located in the commercial area of kongjiang road, yangpudistrict along thenorth bund of the huang pu river, hanhai jade hotel is a standardized 4 star international hotel. the hotel is close to dalian road tunnel and yangpu bridge, and is within easy reach of pudong airport and hongqiao airport

  18. With an objective discussion on the present situation of the hotel industry in china, the author points out that collectivization is a shortcut to raise the overall competitiveness of hotels in the country, especially the state - owned independent hotels, and that hotel consortium is one of the possible choices to reach such collectivization

  19. Reach the hotel triumphantly

  20. We reach the hotel late and have to settle for a room without a view