ear reach 中文意思是什麼

ear reach 解釋
ear reach =earshot。

  • ear : n. 1. 耳朵。2. 聽覺;聽力;傾聽;注意。3. 耳狀物〈指水罐、茶杯等的把兒〉。4. 報頭兩端刊登小廣告、天氣預報的地方。n. 1. (稻麥等的)穗。2. 〈pl. 〉燈花。vi. 抽穗。
  • reach : vt 1 到,抵,到達(特定地點,目的地等),(長度等)達到…;(子彈等)打中;擴展到…,延及…,(作為...
  1. Its note would reach deeper than the ear.

  2. Never praise a sister to a sister in the hope of your compliments reach the proper ear

  3. A family, if have steadier income, dress warmly and ear one ' s fill, live wait for basic life to need has been satisfied and have certain and surplus income, should say to already was achieved or reach comparatively well - off level basically, such family suits to buy life - insurance

  4. Boslego said the 15 years it normally takes for a newly - developed vaccine to reach people in the developed world was too long, and that path wanted to fast - track research with the help of the five - year grant. pneumococcal disease leads to pneumonia and middle - ear infections that can lead to hearing loss, and may also cause life - threatening infections of the bloodstream and nervous system including meningitis

    博斯萊戈還指出,一種新開發出的疫苗通常需要花上15年時間才能在發達國家內得到普遍使用,這一過程實在是太漫長了, path希望藉助比爾蓋茨基金會這筆為期5年的捐款來加快疫苗的研製工作。
  5. Upon converting the sound waves into a flood of digital data, the signal passes through an analog digital or short a d converter, which performs a time - based rasterization of the incoming signal and determines a certain level with which the wave could, for example, reach our ear with every passing second

  6. On every side, behind and before, as far as the ear could reach in every direction there was the rumble of wheels, the rattle of carts, of waggons, and of gun - carriages, the tramp of horses, the crack of whips, the shouts of drivers, the swearing of soldiers, of orderlies, and officers