earliness 中文意思是什麼

earliness 解釋
n. 名詞 早,早期。

  1. Earliness tardiness job shop scheduling problem

  2. The application of gasa to the optimization of earliness tardiness problem

  3. Effects of silicon on earliness and photosynthetic characteristics of melon

  4. Hybrid genetic algorithm method for identical parallel machine earliness tardiness scheduling problem

  5. Evolutionary strategy method for parallel machine earliness tardiness scheduling problem with common due date

  6. Gene effect analysis and evaluation of application potential of rice dominant earliness gene ef - cd

  7. Since earliness is not an issue, nor is summer rainfall, his only concern is clean fruit

  8. Solved the earliness / tardiness scheduling problems with the restrictions of due date with the given algorithm above. the solved problems belong to the most universal kind, so it is fit for other cases

  9. In discrete production processes, we studied production scheduling problems of two identical parallel machines at single stage and multistage. the objective is to minimize production bottlenecks and the penalties of earliness / tardiness ( e / t )

    在最小加工時間優化調度的基礎上,通過對生產條件的分析,得出了兩種替換形式下提前拖期( e t )懲罰最小情況下調度的優化方法。
  10. The inversion results of synthetic magnetotelluric sounding data are ideal, which indicates that the algorithm possesses advantages of expediting convergence, avoiding earliness and improving precision, and can be used in mt data analysis

  11. The objectives are to minimize a linear function of total completion time and total variation of completion time, a linear function of total waiting time and total variation of waiting time, a cost function based on earliness, tardiness, window size, window location, and a linear function of the due date, the earliness and tardiness for all jobs

  12. In the information model, according to the condition of enterperise resource, the main planning is departed into year planning. month planning, day planning. the method about earliness and tardiness producing planning is brought forward. the paper discusses th e influence of uncertainty on production scheduling, introduces flexible variable. presents concepts of flexible demand and flexible supply, and establishes relatively algorithm model