ground water level 中文意思是什麼

ground water level 解釋
  • ground : adj 碾碎了的,磨過的,磨成粉的。 ground and polished piston 【機械工程】研磨活塞。n 1 地,地面;...
  • water : n 1 水;雨水;露;〈常作 pl 〉 礦泉,溫泉;藥水。2 〈常 pl 〉水體;水域;水道;海;湖;河;海域;...
  • level : n 1 水平儀,水準儀;水準測量。2 水平線,水平面;水平狀態;平面,平地。3 水平,水準;水位;標準;...
  1. The deformation of slope caused by change of ground water level was investigated by adopting a fully coupled procedure and the state - dependent dilatant sand model

  2. Study on ground water level dynamic state in yushu city

  3. To adopt well irrigation and well drainage, develop and utilize ground water resources of irrigated area can not only effectively reduce the ground water level and prevent secondary alkalization of the soil, but also provide timely irrigation to crops through well and canal complementary

  4. China possesses of 22 percent of world population, but it only enjoys 6 percent of world water resource. there are above 400 cities shorting water in 668 cities of china. in order to satisfy increasing demand to water supply, some city blindly overexploits groundwater, which results in regional water level descending and induces ground sedimentation and crack geologic disaster

  5. Because of the evaporation, dissolved salt is brought to cumulate at the ground surface and the root zone when the ground water is above the critical level. then the saline soil is formed

  6. It was indicated that the density of the filled soil and the drainage condition of the slope were the major factors controlling the deformation and failure of slope caused by the rise of ground water level

  7. Through summarization for complicated geohydrology and engineering geology condition of research area, the non - stability 3 - dimension flow model of ground water and land subsidence model were established in this thesis. the coupled models of ground water and land subsidence were combined with a large series of water level observation and land subsidence information to debug the parameters and ascertain the models

  8. Standard guide for presentation of water - level information from ground - water sites

  9. The purpose of this study has two aspects : firstly, to determine the depth of occurrence of groundwater and to evaluate the groundwater level distribution in the oasis and desert ecotone, secondly, combining rs and gis by visual basic, in order to bring forward the means of making ground water depth map and advance making precision

    本研究有兩個目的,一是利用衛星遙感數據評價綠洲-荒漠交錯帶地下水位的分佈,藉助遙感圖像處理及分析軟體pci操作平臺,以landsat - 7etm +全波段圖像作為數據來源,建立了評價地下水位分佈的熱紅外遙感監測模型- - - arglutm模型。
  10. In the topic 1, utilizing the natural lysimeters and drainage region in wudaogou station, based on expriment and imitation methods, frist the hydrology effect of drainage has been analyzed, and then the index of water logged farm drainage and suitable ground water level have been provided. on the theory of darcy rule and farm hydrodynamics, the standard and pattern and empirical formula of farm drainage system have been presented as well, and provide scientifically foundation for drainage planning

  11. On the basis of repeated analyses and verifications, the construction techniques of shed - pipe grouting etc. are adopted therein, with which the tunneling in low - cemented sandy soil is successfully carried out under the condition of higher ground water level, and then both the design and construction are demonstrated to be reasonable and reliable through the actual water delivery operation

  12. This paper introduces a new construction method of lowering ground water level suitable for sandy soil area regarding preparation of construction equipment and materials, construction procedure, attentive matters for construction and so on

  13. The effect of the rise of ground water level was simulated by increasing the mass density of pore water in the soil elements between the initial and targeted ground water levels

  14. Simulation analyses for steep slope indicate the ground water level rises in parallel with slope in the middle and lower portions of the slope

  15. In construction of field stations located in sandy soil areas with higher ground water levels, the ground water level must be lowered below designated excavated depth so as to guarantee the smooth engineering progress

  16. With the development of agriculture and industry and the enlargement of man ' s activity, the demand of water supply has increased in the region over the past decades. in the backward areas along the heihe river, there are a lot of ecological environmental problems such as lake dried up, sustainable, lowering of ground water level, water pollution, soil salinization and desertification, degradation of natural oasis and grassland, as well as sand storm

  17. By calculated and analysed of the lanedslide stability, it is conclused that the big fissure , clayey sail of ground water - level fluctuation and digged base of slope formed an unstable slope

  18. The peak ground water level was analyzed on simulation

  19. Precipitation uplifts ground water level and weakens shearing strength of soil, thus results in large displacement in side direction

  20. Approximate solutions show that the ground water level rises in proportion with rainfall intensity, time and inverse number of the effective porosity of the soil