h hour 中文意思是什麼

h hour 解釋
n. 名詞 【軍事】1. 預定發起進攻時刻。
2. 特定軍事行動開始時刻。

  • h : = 【電學】 henry; 【化學】 hydrogen; 【物理學】磁場密度 (intensity of magnetic field) 地磁水平...
  • hour : n 1 小時,鐘頭。2 時間,時刻。3 一小時的行程;一小時的工作量。4 〈 pl 〉固定時間〈尤指工作時間〉;...
  1. The initial ` h ' in ` hour ' is not aspirated

  2. Each mongolian gerbil was subjected to a 24 - hour fasting period before being administered, and was inoculated with h. pylori atcc 43504

  3. These men had grown up, gone to school, played baseball, and worked together, dated each other ' s sisters, trained and deployed as a group, and were in the first wave to assault omaha beach at h hour on june 6

  4. Km h kilometers per hour

  5. Shanghai shengneng xinghuo thermo - power plant equipped with two 12, 000 kw generators and four 75 ton / h pressure boilers, providing 250 - ton steam per hour

  6. The air bombardment of german fortifications was crucial, even if not as effective as hoped, and the naval attack on german defenses was essential, even if it did not silence most of the german guns, but at h - hour when the landing craft lowered their ramps the success or failure of the greatest amphibious attack in the history of warfare, the event upon which the success of the allied effort in world war ii depended, all came down to the bedford boys and thousands of men like them scrambling in chest high water, weighed down with equipment and ammunition, and the water they splashed into was crimson with their blood and that of their buddies

    德國防禦工事的炮火是殘酷無情的,即使它沒有達到預期的效果;對德國防禦的海上攻擊是至關重要的,即使它並不能平息德國人多數的炮火;但是,當攻擊開始時刻,登陸艇漸漸放下它們的滑梯的時候,戰爭史上最偉大的兩棲作戰? ?一場決定二戰的聯盟力量的勝利的戰爭? ?的勝敗就掌握在了貝德福德的男孩們以及數以千計的像他們一樣在齊胸的水裡前行的戰士們手裡,他們背負著沉重的裝備和武器,跳進他們和他們兄弟的鮮血染紅的海水裡。
  7. Strong wind is expected or blowing in the victoria harbour, with a sustained speed of 41 - 62 kilometres per hour km h, and gusts which may exceed 110 km h

    維多利亞港內吹強風或將有強風,持續風力每小時41 - 62公里,陣風可能超過每小時110公里。
  8. Can we in a matter of an hour, one day, etc., induce an h condition in an unwilling subject to such an extent that he will perform an act for our benefit

  9. The rainstorm had rainfall rates in excess of 100 mm h in red and purple. chek lap kok received 35 mm of rain in a single hour, from 3 to 4 a. m

  10. Westerly wind of 90 km h a pennant, or triangular flag, represents wind speed of 90 km per hour

  11. Easterly wind of 18 km h one barb represents wind speed of 18 km per hour and a half - barb represents 9 km per hour

  12. Note : km h means kilometres per hour