grounding 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['graundiŋ]
grounding 解釋
n. 名詞 1. (畫、刺繡等的)底子。
2. 基礎訓練;初步。
3. 【航海】擱淺。
4. 【電學】接地,通地。

  1. Sticking to the basic animus of tort law, grounding fundamental situation of our country and absorbing foreign useful theoretic productions and legislative experience properly, we relate the essence, types, responsibilities and types of tortfeasors of joint torts together organically. and the combination of them form a new and scientific institution of joint torts corresponding to today ' s social life

  2. Applicability of three deep - well grounding modes

  3. Grounding of working platform, searing - iron, lead - cutting machine, stannum oven or auto refluence soldering equipment, must be led into earth at least 1 meter deep by thick iron cord, and fasten a big iron dollop at the end of iron cord

  4. In this paper, the application of centum cs1000 of yokogawa in the benzene chloride production is discussed. the system struct, software and hardware of the engineering workstation and human interface station, system configuration, safety property and grounding are also studied

  5. Fzn25 and fzrn25 series has mutual - linkage grounding valve of grounding swith between static contact and moving electric torch, so it can make sure safety and convenient maintenance

  6. Summarizing the above mentioned, one can conclude that yi heng possesses not only the function of impelling pancreas to be in balance so that the patient can be recovered, but also good function to its complications such as cardio - cranial vascular disease, fatty liver, loss of vision pathological changes of retina, eye grounding bleeding, cataract, and glaucoma etc. for which their development can be especially better prevented and put off

  7. The principle of the interleaver with output spectra similar to cosine function, based on mzi, is analyzed theoretically. by using the tandem of two mzis, we get the flattop spectrum ; last, grounding on the polarized light interference and multi - beam interference, we analysis the principle of bgti interleaver, and simulate the relations between output spectra and reflectance of g - t resonator. furthermore the flattop output spectrum of bgti interleaver is achieved

    4 、分析了fmzi型interleaver濾波器的工作原理,其輸出光譜曲線為類餘弦函數;採用級聯fmzi方案,實現了interleaver濾波器的光譜平頂光譜輸出;最後,基於偏振光干涉和多光束干涉原理,分析了bgti型interleaver濾波器工作原理,模擬了g - t腔部分反射系數r與輸出光譜的關系,獲得了50ghzbgti型interleaver濾波器平頂化輸出光譜。
  8. By using gpc grogram, the paper calculates the variety of grounding potential with different placements of grounding rods. on the basis of calculations and analysis, the model of grounding grids and current - electrode are presented

  9. Second step : paint general hue ( grounding colour )

    步驟二:添加五官,鋪大體色調(上底色) 。
  10. Tank trucks ; grounding plate, dimensions

  11. Grounding plate combination

  12. For the instrument system, we introduce effective steps and technique of screen or grounding screen that can restrain the great mass of interference

  13. Grounding wire : adopt semiconducting rubber wrap

  14. Shield aluminum foil wrapped 0. 34mm2 tinning copper pair grounding wire

  15. Calculation of thermal stability of grounding wire of overhead line

  16. But when fault was occurred, sometimes there would be great loss. for the reason, the paper put forward a microcomputer bus protection scheme suit for mv or lv power system with low current grounding based on the great researching about the working theory of current bus protections and the characteristic of mv or lv system with low current grounding. based on it, the paper has designed the platform of the hardware and the software programs

  17. The grounding grid is vital to the safety of the substation

  18. Based on vb and matlab, diagnosis software for erosion of grounding grid is coded

    採用vb語言和matlab軟體相結合的方法編寫了《接地網腐蝕診斷軟體》 。
  19. As the grounding grid is underground, large - scale digging was adopted to find the erosion in practice all along

  20. Furthermore, problems easy to make mistake are demonstrated, for instance, grounding resistance of large grounding grid is impedance