retaining 中文意思是什麼

retaining 解釋
  1. The litter reserves and their water retaining capacity under abies fabri forest on the gongga mountain, sichuan province

  2. Mainly used for preventing and curing anthracnose of vegetables, powdery mildew of melons, common diseases of apple, orange and pear, diseases during the seedling of cotton, rice blast, banded sclerotial blight, smut - fungus, sclerotium rot and gibberellic disease, etc. of beet, wheat, sweet potato, peanut and rice. be used in textile products, paper and leather for preventing mould and corrosion and retaining freshness of fruit

  3. Evolutionary process and investigation survey of material for antimagnetic retaining ring forging for steam turbing generator

  4. Cutter retaining screws for milling machine arbors

  5. Study and application of plate dam for meeting argent water retaining

  6. Application of bitumen paint to retaining wall at to yuen wai

  7. With the development of human society, because of the lack of sustainable utilization consciousness, and the eager for quick success and instant benefit, the black earth suffered excessive cultivation and management, causing the reduction of its recycled ability, decrease in organic content, porosity ratio, fertility dropped and the properties of water retaining and water retention, which make the black soil harden and degenerate seriously

  8. Retaining the unwelcome distinction of the world ' s worst city in which to live was brazzaville, congo

    在考核報告中,剛果共和國首都布拉柴維爾連續成為"世界上最不適當居住的城市" 。
  9. The comprehensive treatment project of lin jia ya slide el consists of whittling slope, anti - slide pile with anchoring cable, retaining wall, building ground drainages, level ing off and calking slope, vegetation protection etc. after managing, under the action of earthquake load and watery the stability coefficient of slide is up to 1

    林家崖號滑坡的綜合治理方案是由削方、錨索抗滑樁、護坡擋墻、地表排水、整坡填縫、生物防護等多種工程措施優化組合而成。治理后,在飽水有地震荷載狀態下滑坡的安全儲備系數為1 . 10 。
  10. Clinical aplication of femoral vein infusion with self - retaining cather in the newborn with intracranial hemorrhage

  11. In unsuccessful transmission experiments the causative agent could not be passed through bacteria-retaining filters.

  12. There he lay, solemn and copious, vested as for the altar, his large hands loosely retaining a chalice.

  13. The new chainset is a certain hit among gram watchers and details like the retaining circlips on the rear derailleur pulley wheel bolts are definitely positive, though they ' ll be even more so when they trickle down to more affordable rear derailleurs, a component many of us feel has to be treated as expendable

  14. I continued this method some few years, but gradually left it, retaining only the habit of expressing myself in terms of modest diffidence.

  15. Add in new deployments, productivity and downtime issues, a diluvium of new products, services and vendors, and the difficulty of finding and retaining the professional resources you need

  16. Soil - retaining & supporting and earthworks

  17. Effect of foundation trench strength to endogen force and failure model of cantilever retaining wall

  18. Flash cards are one useful way of retaining knowledge

  19. Ming, h. y. and li, x. s. ( 2007 ). " numerical study of impact of soil anisotropy on seismic performance of retaining structure. " international journal of geomechanics, asce, 7 ( 5 ). in press

    明海燕,李相崧( 2007 ) . "砂土各向異性對擋土墻抗震性能影響數值分析. "深圳大學學報理工版,第24卷,第3期,出版中
  20. As a result it enhanced the water - retaining and fertility - retaining capacity, strengthened the anti - scour and anti - erosion ability. 3. sabaigrass can meliorated the little entironment of purple soil bare slope field the results show that sabaigrass treatment and grass tree solid plating treatment can reduce n ( nitrogen ), p ( phosphorus ) and k ( potassium ) erosion, increase soil nutrition element content, it also increase soil water content and soil pondage, decrease soil water evaporation, strengthen the anti - drought ability

    龍須草能改善紫色土荒坡地的小生境龍須草純種植被和林草立體種植植被能不同程度地增加土壤的有機質和速效n 、 p 、 k的含量;增加土壤含水量和貯水量,減緩和減少土壤的水分蒸發,增強土壤的抗旱能力;降低土壤盛夏的地表最高溫度,減少地表溫度變化幅度。