great friends 中文意思是什麼

great friends 解釋
心腹之交, 密友, 知己
  • great : adj 1 大的,巨大的。2 很多的;充足的,十足的,非常的。3 偉大的,傑出的;優異的,顯著的;貴族的,...
  • friends : 公誼會
  1. Although we were all great friends it would be idle for us to delude ourselves that we saw eye to eye on all matters.

  2. Lady jane and mrs. dobbin became great friends.

  3. Have a great time over spring vacation, remembering that springtime and good friends and family ties are enduring values in life whatever happens in history

  4. Beijing has won the authorization of the summer olympic game of 2008. during that time all the athletes, umpires, reporters and friends from all over the world will swarm into beijing. the taking off and landing sorties will be far ahead 700. it ' s a great beyond examination and challenge for the air traffic management system of china, especially for beijing control unit

  5. More and more of his friends had gone to see the great manta.

  6. Her grandmother, paula, a milliner by trade, who kept up with old nazi friends long after the war, " must have had to make great efforts not to know anything " of her brother - in - law ’ s activities

  7. In july 2001 the two countries signed a 20 - year china - russia treaty of good - neighborliness, friendship and cooperation, which has been promoting china - russia relations to a new stage. this treaty also established a lawful foundation that china and russia should be each other ' s friends from generation to generation and should never turn against each other. furthermore, russia is a great power, which is in decline now but it will rise once again

    2001年7月,兩國又簽署了為期20年的《中俄睦鄰友好合作條約》 ,把兩國關系提升到了一個新的階段,為兩國和兩國人民「世代友好,永不為敵」奠定了法律基礎;與此同時,俄羅斯是一個不如從前的大國,一個處在衰退之中但終將再次復興的大國。
  8. At oxford we had been great friends.

  9. They should meet as friends, as fellow-sufferers, as innocent but philosophic victims of a great social law.

  10. We shall always be great friends.

  11. We are great friends.

  12. We also went through hell together and ended up great friends.

  13. I was able to do myself justice, and had great friends to stand by me too.

  14. I like to kid around with john, we are great friends

  15. They had been great friends once, five years before almost inseparable, indeed. then the intimacy had come suddenly to an end.

  16. I hope i shall soon get to know you better and that we shall become great friends.

  17. - you ' ve got great friends. - whatever

  18. You ' ve got great friends. - whatever

  19. " little friends may prove great friends.

  20. Well, we are such friends, such great friends ! thats nonsensethe ruler ; but we are friends for ever