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ecap 解釋
  1. Severe plastic deformation ( spd ) processing, especially equal - channel angular processing ( ecap ) of steel and other iron - based alloys, has achieved increasing interest recently because of the potential for obtaining ultrafine grains and improving the properties

  2. Equal channel angular processing of the pearlitic steel ( 0. 65 wt. % c ) was successfully carried out at 650 with route c in this study, obtaining a total equivalent true strain ~ 5. the microstructure evolution of pearlitic steel in ecap was investigated by means of transmission electron microscope and scanning electron microscope. the main results are as the following : 1

    本研究成功地實現了c方式650珠光體鋼65mnecap變形,累積等效真應變達到5 。並用透射電鏡、掃描電鏡研究了珠光體組織的演變特點和滲碳體的變形。主要結果如下: 1
  3. In performing ecap, a material is subjected to intense plastic straining by pressing a sample repeatedly through a die containing two channels, with equal cross - sections, intersecting at an angle. equal channel angular processing of the medium carbon steel ( 0. 45 wt. %

  4. The microstructure evolution of ferrite and pearlite in ecap was investigated by means of optical m icroscopy ( om ) and transmission electron microscopy ( tem )

    並運用光學顯微鏡( om ) 、透射電子顯微鏡( tem )及維氏顯微硬度儀研究了ecap變形后45鋼中先共析鐵素體及珠光體組織的演變特徵。
  5. ( 6 ) in this paper. adopting fea software ansys to simulation and analysis the al ecap process. in order to spread out studying of ecap in the future. the results show : die comer angle, the radius of round angle, the friction coffience of workpiece and die, the properties of die ( elastic modulus, possion ratio ) et al, have some degree impact on the deformation of materials

    ( 6 )採用有限元( fea )分析軟體ansys對al的擠壓過程進行ecap模擬與分析,為后續研究工作做好鋪墊,分析結果表明:外切角、圓角半徑、試樣與凹模之間的摩擦系數、凹模本身的特性(如彈性模量、泊松比等)等等,對材料的變形量都由不同程度的影響。
  6. In ecap route c, in order to accommodate the severe shear deformation the deformation form of lamellae cementite in pearlitic steel include periodical bending, periodical shearing and shearing fracture etc

  7. The results of pure cu show ecap can produce bulk material of submicrometer level indeed. as the number of passes increases, the initial structure of pure cu has been refined largely. after six passes, i. e. the equivalent true strain of 4 ~ 5, the grain size gradually becomes stable and uniform

    對純銅室溫ecap晶粒超細化行為及組織穩定性的研究表明: ecap技術的確能制備出亞微米級的塊體材料,隨著ecap道次的增加,純銅的組織被大大細化, ecap六道次(即等效真應變4 5 )后,晶粒尺寸趨于穩定,硬度基本飽和。
  8. Ecap was successfully used to refine ly12 alloy to 0. 5 m at room temperature after seven passes. the pretreatment process concluded from experiments was solution treated at 500 for 2h and overaging at 400 for 8h

    對普通高強度鋁合金ly12的室溫ecap的研究表明: ecap前的預處理對ly12室溫ecap的實現具有重要影響,採用500 2h固溶+ 400 8h過時效的預處理工藝,經七道次室溫ecap后,晶粒細化至0 . 5 m 。
  9. The ecap results of different initial grain show initial grain have a great influence on the refinement of grain. more equiaxial and uniform the initial grain is, it is more favorable for the refinement of grain

  10. Simulation of strain stress field in ecap processed pure aluminium

  11. Study of ecap and control of materials structure and property

  12. Study on microstructure properties for ultra - fine alloy using ecap

  13. Among them, the equal - channel angular pressing ( ecap ) technique has been proved to be an effective method for the fabrication of various bulk ufg materials without residual porosity

    在目前通過強烈塑性變形制備超細晶材料的幾種方法中, ecap變形法已經證明是制備無殘余孔隙塊狀超細晶材料的有效方法。
  14. The test results show that the grain sizes do not reduce further after 6 passes of ecap, the slip systems of ferrite is mainly belonging to { 110 } < 111 > and { 112 } < 111 > slip system family during the first and the second pass of the ecap with route c, and under the annealing conditions of 300 ~ 550 x lh, ultrafme grains are thermally stable

    研究發現,在c方式ecap變形中,各道次ecap變形細化程度不同, 1道次細化效果最大,隨后道次細化作用逐步減少,變形6道次為實驗用鋼的ecap晶粒細化的極限。鐵素體c方式ecap變形第1和第2道次的主要滑移系為{ 110 } < 111 >和{ 112 } < 111 > 。
  15. Research on the new technology of ecap - conform for ultra - fine grain materials

  16. After ten passes, the average grain size of the microstructure which including high angle boundaries is about lum. the vickers hardness increases rapidly after ecap, from 78. 7hv to 185. 3hv

    Ecap十道次時,晶粒尺寸在1 m左右,晶界為大角度晶界,硬度明顯增加,顯微硬度從原始態的78 . 7hv增加到185 . 3hv 。