earing 中文意思是什麼

earing 解釋
n. 名詞 【航海】(橫帆角上的)耳索。

  1. The maximum influence of drought stage upon rice yield is the jointing - booting stage ; the second influence stage is earing stage and the suitable water deficiency in tillering and filling stage can ' t bring tremendous effects on yield of rice

  2. Sheet metal formability and methods - earing test

  3. Earing up more than tens methods of project incubation

  4. Aluminium and aluminium alloys. test methods. earing test for sheet and strip

  5. Field trial of fipronil ect. against laodelphax striatellus at rice earing stage

  6. Aluminium and aluminium alloys - test methods - earing test for sheet and strip

  7. Selection of optimum earing period for two - line rice seed production in jianghuai region

  8. Unfortunately in his late years, since 1820 he lost earing, but he kept on composing

    晚年不幸, 1820年後完全失去聽力,但仍堅持創作。
  9. He noticed a nontender swelling a earing on and off in his right groin one week ago

  10. Aluminium and aluminium alloys - test methods - earing test for sheet and strip ; german version en 1669 : 1996

  11. She was wearing an earing then, just a solitary one, liked a broken - winged angel, trembling alone

  12. Six days thou shalt work, but on the seventh day thou shalt rest : in earing time and in harvest thou shalt rest

  13. When sparsely - planted rice overgrew its earing period, light intensity in the mid - lower part increased, photosynthesis prolonged, activity of nitrate and peroxide decreased, protein content increased by more than 50 %, velocity of leaf ageing slowed, but accumulation of dry matter of grain accelerated and 1000 - grain weight increased too

    摘要稀植栽培的水稻,抽穗后田間表現為中下部光強明顯增加,光合作用時間延長,硝酸還原酶和過氧化物酶活性降低,蛋白質含量增加50 %以上,葉片衰老延緩,籽粒干物質積累加速,千粒重提高。
  14. The 6 species of rhizome grass have lower earing percent, which in young tillers is more than the one in old tillers

  15. Abstract : shuangzengji was sprayed upon indica rice shanyou 63 and wheat variety 8504 at the beginning of rice heading and full - earing stag e of wheat respectively, to study the biological effects on rice and wheat. water was used as control. the results indicated that plumpness, 1000 - grain weight and percentage of fertilized grain were increased obviously by the using of shuangz engji

    文摘:以水稻品種汕優63 、小麥品種8504為材料,在水稻抽穗始期、小麥齊穗期噴施增粒增重劑(簡稱雙增劑) ,清水做對照,研究其對稻麥的生物學效應,試驗結果表明:雙增劑能明顯提高籽粒充實度、結實率和千粒重。
  16. Earning ' s quality can be influenced by environment, policy, financial status and the development ability. the study on earing ' s quality has great impetus to practice and practice

  17. Wheat varieties with properties of cold tolerance, strong tillering, short in height, fertility endurance, middle or early maturity and high earing rate such as lumai 8, lumai 7 and lumai 12 are available for under - crop sowing

  18. Increased urban pollution levels and the mounting death toll from motor vehicles accidents can mainly be attributed to the glut of automobiles a earing on city roads in recent years