yager 中文意思是什麼

yager 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 獵人;(過去德、奧的)狙擊兵,步兵 (= 〈德語〉 Jager)。
2. (過去美國用的)短槍管大口徑步槍。

  1. It creates a very eerie sensation, " yager said

    這給人一種非常怪誕的感覺。 」
  2. The flightless mediterranean desert mantis " runs like the wind across the sand, " yager says

  3. When a mantis hears that sound, it goes into a tight, spiraling power dive. " the bat can ' t afford to get so close to the ground, so it has to break off, " yager said

    螳螂一聽到這種聲音,就會激烈地呈螺旋狀向地面俯沖,這時「蝙蝠不會冒險離地面那麼近,因此也只好停止捕殺」 。
  4. First researching on d - s evidence theory, . combination rules of evidence theory, yager combination rules and this theory ' s shortcoming

    首先研究了d - s證據推理理論,和d - s證據理論中的合成規則, yager合成規則的缺點。
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  6. When the evidences have conflicts, d - s combination and yager combination ca n ' t resolve this thing, the new method can resolve this conflict question

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  8. David yager, an associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at the university of maryland, pioneered new photographic techniques to aid his studies of insects

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