ship-building company 中文意思是什麼

ship-building company 解釋
  • ship : n 1 船;大船;海船;艦〈作陰性看,代名詞用 she her〉。2 三桅船;全裝帆船。3 船形物。4 〈俚語〉賽...
  • building : n. 1. 建築物,房屋,大樓,大廈。2. 製造;營造,建築;組合,組裝;建築術。
  • company : n 1 交際,交往;作伴;伴侶;朋友;來客。2 (社交)集會,聚會。3 一隊,一行;(演員的)一班。4 行...
  1. Holding the development principle of pioneering - arduous struggle, success - with help around, reputation - essence of profits and development - never self - satisfied, since its establishment in 1994, the company has adjusted all the industrial structure constantly, improved the product grade, made pillar industry bigger and strongger, developed group s scale. the group has already built up changjang runfa mechanical industrial park, changjiang runfa suyu industrial park. covering industries such as machinery, section steel, building material, textile, port machinery, shipbuilding, ship repairing, electronics as well as real estate development, service industries as hotel with three star class, building decoration, water and electricity installations, etc. it is a private share - issuing corporation with self - research ability for products and has the right to import and export by itself

  2. Our company main product : non - asbests, graphite, asbests, kinds sealed gaskets for chemical industry, ship building, light industry. we alse product non - asbests oil - resistant rubber panel, non - asbests rubber panle, non - asbestus emulsion panle, non - asbestus emulision sealed panle, expanded graphite panel, asbests emulsion panel, steel - frame asbests toothed composite panel and motor overhaul sealed gasket set

  3. Sung tse - ho ti lung joins an international counterfeit syndicate after his early release from prison. he and his brother, tse - kit, is missioned by the police to collect evidence of the counterfeit activities of lung s ship building company

  4. To satisfy high and complicated ship - building standards, vessel manufacturing companies in dalian produce ships in accordance with specifications and standards prevalent in developed countries such as the united states, germany, britain and japan. the international standardization makes the ocean ships coming out of dalian enterprises generally accepted in the world markets companies and have access to core design and technology in building very large crude oil carriers, large oil tanks, and large - sized containers. dalian fishing vessel company is so far the only chinese firm capable of producing large - powered and multi - functional refrigerated ocean vessels

  5. The french ab company mainly dedicates to such businesses as providing the european large companies with product technology development and design, production technology development and design, logistic management and management of large - scale projects, covering many such like sectors of automobile, aeronautics and astronautics, ship - building and nuclear power and medicine as well

    大宇客車公司對西歐客車市場的調查人員說,西歐國家現在客車市場的年需求規模為1 . 8萬輛左右,但因歐元匯率走強,西歐的工資水平高等因素,形成了高生產成本。
  6. Sitailong company found in 2003, has becomed a influential professional company and comprehensive service provider in offshore oil and gas field and ship - building field