sharp bend 中文意思是什麼

sharp bend 解釋
  • sharp : n 夏普〈姓氏〉。adj 1 銳利的;鋒利。2 尖銳;成銳角的。3 陡急的;急轉的。4 敏銳的;聰明的;精明的...
  • bend : vt (bent 〈古語〉 bended bent 〈古語〉 bended)1 弄彎,使彎曲,拗彎(棍子等);屈(膝);彎(弓...
  1. Ease down, there is a sharp bend ahead.

  2. That sharp bend is a deathtrap for motorists.

  3. Driving on the slow lane, i turned a sharp bend close to the edge frighteningly

  4. The ancient avoided worshipping the king very much, the moon stood and carved with the white jade ; avoiding straightenning one s back, pair is looked at at present, the sharp mouth is closed, one pair of only big ears ; the rabbit has plump and smooth body, four limbs are crooked, bend over and lie on the ground, and then there is a short end : the model is vivid, chisel workers exquisitly, the polishing is bright, it is a rare skillful product

  5. It was approved by provincial technical authentication in 1999 that the high pressure hydrogenation stainless - steel sharp bend elbow made by our company has filled up the blank of the technology of high pressure close to hydrogen, direct heating the sharp bend elbow with flame in china, and with this product, our company was awarded the second and third prize of science technology progress in local and city, whats more, this product has also been recommended as the high - tech product by china council for the promotion of international trade and french supervising estimating commotion for scientific quality

    公司自主研發的「 180不銹鋼無縫彎頭」 ,被評為國家級新產品「高壓加氫不銹鋼急彎彎管」 99年通過省部級技術鑒定,填補了「高壓臨氫火焰直接加熱急彎彎管」工藝技術的國內空白,榮獲地市科技進步二三等獎,被中國國際貿易促進委員會及法國科技質量監督評價委員會向歐盟市場推薦為高科技產品
  6. As far as the technologies are concerned, longxiang company has combined the self - based research and development and the absorption and improving together, and formed our core competence which features in high - technologies ; at the beginning of our establishment, our company has set up a pipe r d institution whose name was been changed as longxiang pipe technologies r d center in 2002, in this center, the 180 stainless - steel seamless elbow, high pressure hydrogenation stainless - steel sharp bend elbow,

    在技術上,祥公司成功地實現了自主研發與吸收改進相結合,以高新技術為特色的企業核心競爭力。在1984公司成立時即設立了管件研究所,該研究所於2002年更名為祥管件技術研發中心,中心先後自主研製開發了「 180不銹鋼無縫彎頭」 , 「高壓加氫不銹鋼急彎彎管」 , 「拔制集合管」 , 「 9f級集箱」 。
  7. Various kinds of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, 90 and 180seamless elbow, sharp bend elbow, plate tube, concentrated pipe and all kinds of pipe fitting made by of company with intermediate frequency induction heating bending shaping craft are features in smooth surface both in inside and outside, even thickness of pipe wall and other advantages, and our products are proved by state science technology commission, national ministry of labor and other authoritative department after the quality inspection that the products of us conforms to the national standard and different standards of different industries

    公司採用中頻感應加熱推製成型工藝,生產的各種碳鋼合金鋼不銹鋼90 180無縫彎頭,急彎彎管盤管集合管及各種管道配件具有組織緻密,內外表面光滑,壁厚均勻等優點,經國家科委勞動部等技術權威部門對技術進行檢測均符合中華人民共和國國標及各行業標準。公司自行設計製造了3條推製成型流水線,可生產18 - 630的各種材質壁厚無縫彎頭。
  8. Construction of a 400 - metre viaduct at a sharp bend to straighten the road

  9. The roads cannot be on an incline, have a sharp bend or sharp turning movement, or exceed 18 500 vehicles per day of which less than 35 per cent could be commercial vehicles

    這些道路必須符合多項要求,包括不能有斜坡彎位或急彎,每日行車量不可超過18 500架次商用車輛必須為35 %以下。
  10. Don ' t use sharp curves to bend light, gradual curves are better to totally internally reflect ( tir ) light towards the output

    不要用急遽的曲線來使光彎曲,最好是利用漸進的曲線來使光經內部全反射( tir )至輸出。