oral health care 中文意思是什麼

oral health care 解釋
  • oral : adj 口頭的,口述的;【解剖學】口的;口部的;【語言學】口腔發聲的;【動物;動物學】口的;前的,前...
  • health : n. 1. 健康;健康狀態;衛生。2. 昌盛,興旺;生命力。3. (祝健康的)乾杯。
  • care : CARE =Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere 美國援外合作組織。n 1 憂煩,憂念;掛念,思念;...
  1. Study on relationship between pregnancy gingivitis and oral health care

  2. Our dominant products of oral health and care like oral treasure mouth wash, cream, toothbrush plain and senior, toothbrush for remedy, electric toothbrush, and disposable oral appliance case, super - hard plaster, and so on are popular with consumers

  3. Teeth washing, a. k. a oral prophylaxis, is not only a part of serve at beauty parlors but also an essential method of oral health care

  4. Analysis of knowledge of oral cavity health care among 400 pregnant women

  5. Sanen pharmacy company has 5 dosage forms of tablet, pill, granulation, syrup, oral liquid and 28 varieties approved by the state and 2 kinds of health care products

  6. Objective : to analyze the data of the permanent teeth caries and treatment needs of six age groups people in beijing with statistical methods which came from the second national oral health survey of china in 1995. method : the total sample of 12792 ( 8520 urban, 4272 rural ) for 6 age groups ( 5, 12, 15, 18, 35 - 44, 65 - 74 - year - old ) were examined. the diagnostic criteria recommended by the world health organization were used in this study ( oral health survey basic methods third edition, 1987 ). result : the dmf and dmft incidence of six age group in the urban was higher than that in the rural on the whole. the dental caries level of 12 - year - olds was very low. f percentage of 12 - year - olds was 15. 42 % ( urban ) and 3. 23 % ( rural ). the current situation of chinese dental care cannot meet the who objectives for the year 2000. conclusion : it pointed out that we should emphasize oral health education and enhance the consciousness of health care. since the treatments of caries became more complicated with the age, we should perform the primary oral health care in the early stage

    目的:本文對1995年第二次全國口腔健康流行病學調查中,北京地區六個年齡組人群的恆牙患齲及治療需要情況進行統計學分析.方法:採用整群抽樣方法,對北京市六個年齡組的城鄉人群12792人(城市8520人,農村4272人)進行了口腔檢查,診斷標準根據世界衛生組織1987年第三版一書.結果:各年齡組的患齲率及齲均基本是城市高於農村, 12歲年齡組的患齲情況處于很低水平, 12歲年齡組恆牙充填率為15 . 42 (城)和3 . 23 (鄉) ,結論:本結果離2000年目標有一定差距,提示我們應加強口腔健康教育,提高居民口腔保健意識.另外,隨年齡的增長牙齒治療的復雜程度逐漸增高,因此,應在人群中開展初級口腔衛生保健,做到早發現,早診斷,早治療
  7. The specialized assurance ( also named specialized aircraft service ), with a studying length of 3 years, features in that the students are mainly chosen from the information technology major. the courses include politics, chinese, mathematics, english, information technology and application, physical education and health care, art appreciation, mechanical drafting, the basis of electricity, oral english, wielding skills, mechanical transmission, electronics, electrical towage and control, overview of aviation, electrical meters & measurement, scm, electronic cad, aircraft maintenance service, ground handling service, civil aviation english, etc

    主要開設有政治、語文、數學、英語、信息技術與應用、體育與保健、藝術欣賞、機械制圖、電工基礎、英語口語、焊接技能、機械傳動、電子學、電力拖動與控制、航空概論、電工儀表及測量、單片機、電子cad 、航空機務與維修、航空地面服務、民航英語等課程。
  8. The investigate and analysis of kap of pupils oral health care in community school

  9. Oral health care for the elderly includes 3 aspects

  10. Knowledge and behavior about oral health care among parents of infants

  11. Healthy lifestyles oral health care

  12. Survey on 1 350 children ' s recognition and behavior about oral health care

  13. Oral health care

  14. Survey on knowledge and behavior about oral health care among parents of children with decayed tooth

  15. Promotes oral health awareness and oral hygiene practices ; and facilitate the proper use of oral health care services

  16. The temporary employment of undergraduate nursing students will continue as and when necessary. besides, the ha will also deploy more supporting staff to assist the frontline nurses to carry out simple patient care duties that do not require professional nursing knowledge. examples of these duties are bed baths, oral health care, giving out bedpans and urinals, and feeding patients

  17. Besides, the ha has deployed supporting staff to assist nurses in carrying out simple patient care duties which do not require professional nursing knowledge. examples of these duties are bed baths, oral health care, giving out bedpans and urinals, and feeding patients. more supporting staff will be deployed to assist in such duties in future

  18. In order to make more effective use of limited resources and to enable nurses to concentrate their efforts on providing professional care for patients, duties which do not require professional nursing knowledge such as bed baths, oral health care, giving out bedpans and urinals as well as feeding patients have now been taken up by staff of other grades in public hospitals

  19. To the students, the goals of this course are to grasp the basic theory, elementary knowledge and fundamental technique of the preventive and community dentistry ; to understand the epidemic feature and the preventive method of the oral commonly disease ; to familiarize the status of the oral preventive care and the basic principle and methods of the clinic and community oral health care ; to take the oral preventive care method to service for the multitude and individual ; to know the latest progress and the development about the global dentistry ; to adapt to the need of the future dentistry development and the multitude oral care

  20. Provide specialist and emergency dental services to hospital in patients and referred patients, including patient groups with special oral health care needs