operating parameters 中文意思是什麼

operating parameters 解釋
  • operating : adj 1 運行的;操作的;工作的。2 關于業務的;營業上的;關于收支的。operating expenses 業務開支;營...
  • parameters : 編輯特徵參數
  1. In petroleum chemic industry, device is synthetic and complicated. its operating parameters are interacted and related one another

  2. Refer to appendix b, operating parameters, seven - day clock, for informationabout setting up the seven - day clock and the standby delta

    設置周循環時鐘和待機變量( ? )可參考附錄2運行參數、周循環時鐘部分的有關內容。
  3. The author analyzes the change rules of fuel consumption and the mass of the main exhaust emission pollutants ( nox, pm, co, hc and carbon ) with the operating parameters ( speed and load ), points out that nox and pm are the primary exhaust emission pollutants which affect the turbocharge - intercooled diesel engine to reach the requires of emission regulations, and map the figure of compositive exhaust emission characteristic

    分析了有效燃油消耗率及各主要排放污染物( nox 、 pm 、 co 、 hc 、碳煙)的排放量隨運轉參數(轉速n與平均有效壓力p _ ( me ) )的變化規律。指出nox與pm是影響增壓中冷柴油機排放達標的主要排放污染物,並繪制了排放綜合特性圖。這為該類型柴油機的性能分析提供了參考。
  4. As backwash is the key of renewing and keeping up the function of filter, so some factor optimization experiments of backwash have been done. the optimum operating parameters of air scour and water backwash of ceramics media are chosen by multiple factors experiments : qa = 15 l / s ? m2, qw = 5 l / s ? m2, t1 = 1min, t2 = 5min, t3 = 5min

    經多組實驗正交分析結果后得出了塗鐵陶粒濾池反沖洗實驗的最佳參數組合:氣沖強度15l / s ? m2 ,水洗強度5l / s ? m2 ,單氣預沖1min ,氣水同時反沖洗5min ,單水漂洗5min 。
  5. Operating parameters storage : saving up to 30 files, cutting time needed for different shoe styles

    操作用參數記憶存檔- - -最多可記憶三十組計時器及動作參數,方便更換鞋型。
  6. These developments will yield a cognitive radio able to sense its rf environment and location and then alter its power, frequency, modulation and other operating parameters so as to dynamically reuse whatever spectrum is available

  7. The second method of changing engine operating parameters means, in essence, operating fuel lean to increase combustion.

  8. In a word, wbaer can effectively remove micro - quantity hmi from dk with alkali metals, alkaline - earth metals and anions at high concentration. on the basis of lots of regeneration experiments of wbaer ( d301g ), the best regeneration manner ( regurgitation regeneration ), the optimal regeneration agents ( h2so4 and naoh ) and the optimum operating parameters of regeneration are obtained

    論文進而對d301g型弱堿性陰離子交換樹脂進行了再生試驗研究,確定了最佳再生方式(逆流再生) ,最佳再生劑( h2so4和naoh )以及酸液再生時的最佳濃度范圍( 2 % 4 % )和最佳流速范圍( 3 4m / h ) ;並通過正交試驗確定了逆流再生過程中的最佳運行參數組合。
  9. The influence of operating parameters, such as pump rotation speed, suction pressure and gas content, on the performance of a multiphase rotordynamic pump is investigated

  10. The effects of operating parameters such as split ratio and feed flowrate on separation efficiency were analyzed

  11. Investigation of engine operating parameters influencing on hcci combustion ignition timing

  12. Three models are proposed as follows by applying the model of " mixed flow " : the stress of increasing fluid on fouling, collision between solid particles and fouling, and solid particles movement velocity ; the effects of operating parameters, properties of particles, and the volume fraction of particles on stress in solid - liquid two phase flow, collision stress between solid particles and fouling, maximal contacting area between solid particles and fouling and maximal contacting time between solid particles and fouling are investigated systematically by calculating and theoretical analysis

  13. In order to have a good design, it is necessary to analyze the dispersion relation of the tm01 mode and determine its operating parameters varying with geometrical structure of the bwo

  14. Adjusting technology and operating parameters were studied when rapeseed prepressing extraction was remaked expansion extraction

  15. Abstract : in this paper, the feasibility of the separation of nano - caco3 slurry is studied and the operating parameters affecting the process are investigated

  16. Based on the mechanism analysis and ai technique, an optimization and decision - making model about operating parameters and an on - line simulation and detection model in the copper matte blowing process are built. a model to forecast the copper - making end point is also built by using smoke temperature in a factory. on the research mentioned above, the intelligent decision support system of the operation - optimization is developed

    在上述研究基礎上,開發了銅鋶吹煉爐優化操作智能決策支持系統,將其應用於生產實踐,使粗銅產量提高了6 . 0 ,冷料處理量提高了7 . 8 ,爐襯壽命由原來的213爐提高到235爐,提高了10 . 3 。
  17. Adjustment of processing technology and operating parameters of imported double - low rapeseed

  18. Abstract : the blast furnace mathematical model of operating parameters optimization and choice has been established. the effects of some parameters variations on production are calculated. through parameter combination calculation and objective analysis a combination of the optimized parameters can be gained to obtain better economic effects

  19. Four conclusions were obtained : 1 ) the ideal maximum performance of rbcc engine is basically determined by the match of rbcc " s basic operating parameters such as the ratios of primary / secondary mass flow rate, total pressure, total temperature and the ratio of overall oxidant / fuel mass flow rate, etc

    主要獲得如下結論: 1 )基本工作參數的匹配,如引射比、總壓比、總溫比,決定了引射發動機最大可能獲得的性能。
  20. Research on dynamic synthetic optimization model of operating parameters for a metal mine