gauge s 中文意思是什麼

gauge s 解釋
  • gauge : n 1 規,量規,量器,量計,表。2 標準尺寸,標準規格;(金屬片等的)厚度,(槍炮的)口徑,(電線等...
  • s :
  1. One of the key project of hubble s telescope is to gauge as many cepheid variables as possible in more distant galaxies up to 65 millions light years

  2. Witten ' s open string field theory formulate the interaction of bosonic open strings in the language of noncommutative geometry. compactification of matrix theory on the noncommutative torus was argued to correspond to supergravity with constant background three form tensor field. more generally, it has been realised that noncommutative gauge theory arises in the worldvolume theory on d - brane in the presence of a constant background b field in string theory

    Witten的開弦場論用非對易幾何描述了玻色開弦的相互作用;在非對易torus上的矩陣理論的緊化對應于帶有常數三形式張量場的超引力;更為普遍的,非對易規范理論可以自然地產生在帶有常數b背景場的三維d - brane上。
  3. It ' s a rain gauge

  4. Management content : the company product mainly covers the microscope, the tool maker ' s microscope, the projecting apparatus, the sclerometer, the thickness gauge, the magnifying glass, the balance, the measuring instrument quantity meter, the mapping equipment, the metering equipment, to test the instrument, the electrochemistry instrument, the physical instrument, the analytic instrument, the biochemistry instrument, the non - destructive inspection, the medical instrument, the processing machinery and so on altogether 28 broad headings, 170 minor sort large - scale specialized precision instrument measuring appliance sale enterprises

    經營內容:公司產品主要涵蓋顯微鏡、工具顯微鏡、投影儀、硬度計、測厚儀、放大鏡、天平、量具量儀、測繪儀器、測量儀器、實驗儀器、電化學儀器、物理儀器、分析儀器、生化儀器、無損檢測、醫療器械、加工機械等共28大類, 170餘個小類的大型專業精密儀器儀表銷售企業。
  5. Sugar has long played an important role in shueishang s economy. the nantsing sugar mill is still active, and throughout the township you ll see the skeleton of the narrow - gauge rail network once used by the sugar industry

  6. The pan ' s heavy - gauge steel and dark color ensure that baked goods brown evenly and generally finish baking in about 10 % less time than listed on your recipe

    高厚度的鐵板和深色的不粘塗層使食物均勻的發黃,同時,能夠使食物比通常食品時間短10 %烤熟。
  7. To conduct a more thorough analysis of the lakes named 90 e and sovetskaya the team drew on a suite of data including new satellite images and decades - old gravity measurements which use differences in the density of ice and water to gauge a lake ' s depth

  8. The hkhsa covers six key areas, including health policies, health services, personal health skills, social environment, community relationships and physical environment, adapted from the world health organization s guidelines. a set of guidelines and standard with indicators relevant to hong kong situation has been developed to gauge school development, as well as to provide a system for monitoring progress and recognition of achievement

    獎勵計劃根據1995年世界生組織成員國的指引,訂立了六個標準范疇(包括學校健康政策、健康服務、個人健康生活技能、校風/人際關系、社區關系及學校環境學校) ,並已發展一套適用於香港的健康學校工作指引和標準,學校可因應校本的情況發展每個范疇。
  9. What ' s more, the rules in this book provide a common ground to gauge the characters ' chances of success impartially

  10. With four - fifths of japanese lending ultimately related to property, americans were incredulous that banks had been foolish enough to lend against collateral for which the value could go down as up ; in the united states, they said, banks lent against cash flow, the best gauge of a borrower ' s ability to repay a debt

  11. According to the hong kong observatory s tidal records at the tai po kau tide gauge station, the highest sea level was 2. 94 metres above chart datum on that day

    根據香港天文臺大埔?測潮站的記錄,當日的最高水位為海圖基準面以上2 . 94米。
  12. In 1284, pope martin iv issued a papal bull ordering formal church approval of publicly conducted carnival activities, a move taken in recognition of that era ' s need for social cohesion, and one which demonstrates carnival ' s role as a gauge of trends in popular sentiment

  13. At last, this thesis also shows the experimental data of measuring asphalt content, it shows obviously that the tester is fit in with applicable needs, so that it can realize the gauge ' s computer control, automation, miniaturization, portability and on - the - spot application

  14. The company ' s main products include : ordinary - type, forward - and - backforward - thread typeandcalibre - changed type, three series and 50 - odd varieties of steel straight thread connecting sleeve piece and steel straight thread screw rolling machine, screw rolling wheel, cutting tool, reinforced thread head special gauge, moment spanner ect., auxiliary tools which are used in construction

  15. The consumer price index ( cpi ), the main gauge of inflation, was 6. 5 percent in october, matching the decade ' s high in august

    消費者消費指數是衡量通貨膨脹的重要指標,在10月份為6 . 5 %與8月份十年中追高相持平。
  16. Yunnan narrow gauge railway s sn clsss steam locomotive

  17. Calibration of the standard tapping ring for wire thread insert - worn thread plug gauge t - s

    鋼絲螺套用標準螺孔環的校通?損螺紋塞規t - s
  18. The thesis deduces the generating functional of proper vertexes and brst transformation of the system of matter field coupling to non - abel gauge field, gives noether conservation charge of brst transformation, shows up the model ' s brst transformation when the gauges are lorentz, coulomb and radiation gauges, respectively, finishes the brst quantization of ghost field in ( 1 + 2 ) dimensions model with non - abel chern - simons term coupling to the scalar field, achieves the lagrange density and hamilton density under brst transformation

    導出了物質場與非abel規范場耦合系統的brst變換以及此變換下的ward恆等式和正規頂角的生成泛函,給出了其brst變換下的noether守恆荷。針對lorentz規范、庫倫規范、輻射規范三種情況分別給出了此模型的brst變換,並得到了自洽的結果。完成了( 1 + 2 )維時空中非abelchern - simon項和標量場耦合系統中鬼場的brst量子化,得到了brst變換下的noether荷和其對應的拉氏量和哈密頓量。
  19. Remark : screws at the back of the gauge ' s case should never be loosened

  20. Don ' t dismantle the diaphragm separator from gauge arbitrarily or replace with other gauges to avoid any leakage of working liquid and frrther to avoid any adverse effect on gauge ' s operational performance